Nasty Little Boogers


EER_0077Cute little creatures so beautiful and sweet

Come to my deck and bring friends to eat


It’s one giant leap and off the window he ricochets

Claws hang as the seed feeder sways

Eating all the seeds he can get

One at a time he pulls them out

Three seconds it’s shelled and in his mouth

He sits there all day stretched over the top

Eating sunflower seeds  until they run out

His friends hog the rail and bird feeder too

When I look out the window I think it’s the zoo


With no fear of us or our continuous knocking

He continues what he’s doing

While the feeder is rocking

I holler and shout and hiss and growl

But nothing would phase them

He was not beguiled


I got out the soakers and filled them with water

Shooting streams at them hiding  is great fun for granddaughter

With three on hand I kept them running

But when I turned around they kept on coming

I tried throwing cucumbers as they ran through the yard

But my aim was no good and I threw out my arm

Young little ones want to go to the top

Climbing up the window chewing the stop

They jump and they claw and scratch and pry

But only the old ones can learn to fly


I finally gave up after much consternation and fuss

When they chewed on the windows I finally had enough


The seed feeder came down the rail feeder is empty

For the rest of the summer I have no empathy


Now I smile when I see them come by

And hope they disappear before winter is nigh


Photos: Dwight L. Roth