IMG_1358.JPGAging has its issues. Downsizing and relocating is often part of the process. Letting go of the things we have emotional attachments to can be very stressful. In time we might discover that the reshuffling of our life has very positive results.  Smaller places mean less work. Retirement communities can provide resources that add to our life.  What happens as we await metamorphosis is up to us. Our attitude and mindset makes a big difference in that outcome.

Awaiting Metamorphosis

We wrap ourselves with strands of life

That tells our story from front to back.

A life of joy and sorrow…

All woven into that cocoon we call home.


Layer after layer we weave the strands.

Stories, pleasures, and memories abound

Bringing undefined feelings of love

To our ephemeral life.


Family and friends give life its edge.

Children and grandchildren cut deep into our souls

Embedding themselves in the fabric of our cocoon.


Cool crisp mornings with coffee and tea.

Birds and flowers and vines of Kiwi.

Unspeakable joy and pleasures surround

In our home cocoon we’ve so tightly wound.


Time to let go and break out of our shell.

Who knows what joys and pleasures we’ll tell

In transformation of mind and matter.


Though parting is great sorrow

There is still hope for tomorrow

Beyond this cocoon we call home.

Know the Storms will Come


Know that Storms Will Come

Young and invincible I heard the tales

Of mid-life crisis and relationship dips

Never thought it would happen to me

Must be talking about someone else

As time went on and kids left home

The nest was empty for the first time

Work and stress and baggage compressed

Came out of the closet to haunt us

Know that storms of life are sure to happen

No matter how strong are the pilings


Tsunami waves and hurricane winds

Pound every foundation and structure

Relationships dip some crash and burn

Depends on pilings and a willingness to learn


Can Humpty Dumpty be put together again

It’s up to you to decide

When storms come as you know they will

Is it easier to relearn on a new unknown model

Or overhaul the relationship you already have

We kept the one we already had!


Photos: Dwight L. Roth





Attitude Adjustment


During my last years of teaching, some changes came about that made me want to give up and throw in the towel! The state of North Carolina was implementing what I call “Teach for the Test.” I enjoyed my creative freedom as a teacher, and to be confined to teaching everything at the exact same time and in exact same way as everyone else did not sit well.  After fretting and complaining for some time, I came to the conclusion that it was better to change my attitude than to change my job.  I made it through the next few years and finished with twenty-nine years. Looking back, I believe I made the best choice for me.  This can apply across the board. We live in a society in which people jump ship every time things don’t go the way they like.  Perhaps an attitude adjustment would spare us a lot of pain! I am still learning!!

Attitude Adjustment

Change your thinking and change your life

Why go up the down escalator

Why carry that root of bitterness into 2017

Always kicking against the pricks is not smart

An attitude adjustment can lighten your load


Here are my attitude adjustment words of wisdom:

It is easier to change your attitude

Than change your job

It is easier to change your attitude

Than find a new spouse

It is easier to change your attitude

Than find a new church

It is easier to change your attitude

Than lose your children

It is easier to change your attitude

Than move away from neighbors

It is easier to change your attitude

Than not have sex

It is easier to change your attitude

Than grow a new family

It is easier to change your attitude

Than alienate your siblings

It is easier to change your attitude

Than resist change you cannot change

It is easier to change your attitude

Than always be right


I am sure you can add many more…

Happy New Year

Painting: Dwight L. Roth