Scars worn long after

traumatic encounter’s pain

Predatory fears

both inside and out remain

Snow covered in life’s winter

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Sharing this poem with the d’Verse prompt that Peter gave us on that twist in the middle that changes the focus of the poem.

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Squirrel Hunting in the Mountains

Squirrel hunting

Like bringing jerky for supper

Tough to chew on

Today at d’Verse, Sarah gave us a selection of seven different lines from one of her favorite books and asked us to choose one and write a poem about it. These lines come from “Surfacing” by Kathleen Jamie.

I know there is very little meat on a squirrel so I wrote my poem accordingly.

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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Hot, Hot, Hot

DSC_0533 (3)

Temperatures to day were in the mid 90 F here in North Carolina. You know it is hot when the squirrel is stretched out on my chair in the shade and I am sitting inside with the AC running!
Midsummer heat wave
Squirrel and I try to keep cool
No showers in sight

DSC_0529 (4)

DSC_0537 (3)

DSC_0538 (4)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth





Natural Instinct


Seems you just can’s get rid of squirrels. They are everywhere. I have tried relocating some, but there are always more to come and fill in the space. They are cunning little creatures and will do about anything for food.

Sudden food shortage

Fat squirrels fight for survival

Race to get it first

DSC_0231 (2)

Here the strong survive

Rapidly hogging their fill

Eating upside down

DSC_0236 (4)

Covid-19 looms

Weighs heavily on our minds

We’re just like the squirrels


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Who’s In Charge?

EER_0851 (2)

Through it all the animals roam freely
while humans withdraw in their dread and fear
not venturing out // where birds sing sweetly
Our furry and feathered friends worry not
going about their gatherings with cheer;
living lives daily with nary a thought.
Resigned to their fate, they’ve no ears to hear.
While superior beings listen in fear…
Newscasts shout, “Cornovirus is near!”
What makes us believe we should rule the world?
We read it on pages // good books are clear
we’re invincible // destined // brash and bold…
Perhaps, it’s now time to accept our state;
realizing we are not superior here;
and, like the animals accept our fate.
Live life with purpose making each day count.
Knowing in God we trust through every tear…
we face each tomorrow as tensions mount.


I see people racing to the store to buy up toilet paper, I notice all around me in nature is still the same. The birds sing the squirrels raid my feeder without a thought. We have a lot to learn about our place in this world and nature has many ways to help keep us in perspective.



Squirrely Games


The squirrel fishes out the sunflower seeds from the suet feeder. Paws covered with suet, he gobbles down the seeds as fast as he can. Today, I decided to play mind games with him, so I went out on the deck and stood there watching him and shooting photos as he ran back up the chain and onto the roof. I was only eight feet away from the pole he used to climb up on the roof, but he still thought he would try to come down. I jumped at him and he went back up on the roof. He ran back and forth trying to figure another way down. The open roof is a dangerous place for squirrels. Another squirrel lost got picked off by a hawk last week. You can see the results on the edge of the rain gutter in front of the squirrel. As soon as I went back in, he was right back on my suet feeder eating again! He has been coming all winter long!

Squirrel gobbles suet seeds
Risks his life for full stomach
Hawk watching the roof









Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Back Again (A Hai bun)


I have not seen a squirrel in the feeder since the middle of the summer. As the weather turned colder, the squirrels that moved into the trees behind my house grew bolder. They checked out the feeder that past few days, but were not impressed. Today I cleaned out all the old seeds and scattered them down the deck railing.  When  he saw the seeds, came to the buffet. His friend came as well. He is beautiful, but if he becomes too much of a nuisance, I might have to take him on a trip to visit relatives elsewhere!

Beautiful Squirrel

Came for my Sunday buffet

Might need to visit friends


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



My squirrel saga continues. After two months of no squirrels showing up at my feeder, one started coming back. The other day when I looked out I saw him eating and was surprised to see what looked like pretty severe flesh wound on his back. As you can see, it was deeper than just a surface scratch. My guess is he is part cat and has used up one of his nine lives. I think he more likely escaped from a hawk that had him in its talons. It did not seem to slow him down. He acted like nothing had happened.

Lesson to be learned from a wounded Squirrel:

Don’t let your wounds slow you down

or keep you from moving toward your goal in life.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Edit:  After posting a reader suggested it may be a wound from a bot fly whose larva uses the squirrel as its host. Check it out on






How High Can a Rabbit Jump?


Leaping Rabbit!!


I watch a mama rabbit and a squirrel

Eating bird feeder droppings acting polite


Me snapping shots and to my surprise

Mama Rabbit suddenly took flight to the sky

When the squirrel got disgruntled and bit her


Shutter clicked at just the right moment

She left the ground floating for an instant

Rising to heights I could not imagine


Who ever saw a leaping rabbit


One that goes straight up in the air

Well I did  this is it

And I have a picture to prove it

This one you really must see for yourself

Without pictures no one would believe it

For me I could hardly believe it myself

A prize-winning shot to set on my shelf



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Nasty Little Boogers


EER_0077Cute little creatures so beautiful and sweet

Come to my deck and bring friends to eat


It’s one giant leap and off the window he ricochets

Claws hang as the seed feeder sways

Eating all the seeds he can get

One at a time he pulls them out

Three seconds it’s shelled and in his mouth

He sits there all day stretched over the top

Eating sunflower seeds  until they run out

His friends hog the rail and bird feeder too

When I look out the window I think it’s the zoo


With no fear of us or our continuous knocking

He continues what he’s doing

While the feeder is rocking

I holler and shout and hiss and growl

But nothing would phase them

He was not beguiled


I got out the soakers and filled them with water

Shooting streams at them hiding  is great fun for granddaughter

With three on hand I kept them running

But when I turned around they kept on coming

I tried throwing cucumbers as they ran through the yard

But my aim was no good and I threw out my arm

Young little ones want to go to the top

Climbing up the window chewing the stop

They jump and they claw and scratch and pry

But only the old ones can learn to fly


I finally gave up after much consternation and fuss

When they chewed on the windows I finally had enough


The seed feeder came down the rail feeder is empty

For the rest of the summer I have no empathy


Now I smile when I see them come by

And hope they disappear before winter is nigh


Photos: Dwight L. Roth