Shelter or Seed Pod

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I am always amazed when I see mushrooms spring up in the grass. These three sisters look like they are made of porcelain, but they are so fragile. Under those sheltering domes are pockets full of spores that will be dropped at just the right time. As the mushrooms dry out the pods open and drop their spores. They will lie there in the dirt until once again the right temperature, moisture, and heat will make them grow and as the cycle of life continues.

Fragile domes shelter

new life after summer rain

Nature’s fancy art


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’verse Mish asked us to write a haibun using the word shelter. I decided to try something a bit different with this one. They look almost good enough to eat!

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I saw these little toadstools growing in the grass as I took my walk. It is amazing to me that their spores lay in the ground and wait for the right conditions and then manifest themselves in this way. They are very fragile but bake harder in the sun. Thy are beautiful in their own way. Nature is awesome!


Little white sponges

Growing in the grass


Naturally growing fungus

Now the rain has past

Full of tiny spores


That lay there for years

Waiting for rain to pour

And sun to bring good cheer


Texture like quiche

Their umbrellas open


Will really go squish

When they are stepped on

Full of spores

They spread their tops

Ready to scatter more

On their next above ground pop


Must have conditions

All perfect and right

For their emissions

Of spores all to take flight


Photos: Dwight L. Roth