Spider Poetry

IMG_8945 (2)

This beautiful writing spider floated in mid-air on the corner of my garage door. Spinning its lines next to the light, it sits waiting for the next poor bug to fly into the web. It is one of the biggest writing spiders that I have seen. Today I saw it wrapping up a bug for future consumption! Looks like his patience payed off!

Spider spins its web
Writing nature’s poetry
Floating on beauty


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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Spider’s Equinox

EER_0308 (3)

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Golden strands of a spider’s web shine in my window as the sun was setting in the distance. Today, for Frank Tassone’s Haikai challenge, we are using the September Equinox as our prompt. Earlier, I watched a writing spider spread her web across my dying zinnias, hoping to catch that one last bug before cold weather closes in for good.

Spiders spin crossroads
Sun sets on golden silk strands
Shining fall colors
September Equinox makes
crossroad tangled deal once more

EER_0305 (3)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Droplets on the Web


Finally, we have some relief from the heat! A cold front pushed through bringing heavy rains overnight. Our resident spider had a gorgeous web spun in my holly bush. In spite of the heavy rain it was strong enough to hold up, undamaged by the storm. The water droplets remained on the beautiful web all day today. No lunch for the spider today!

Spider’s web remains

Basket of diamonds glisten

Autumn rain welcomed


iPhone photos: Dwight L. Roth

Frank Tassone’s Haikai prompt for today is Autumn Rain! Just in time for the photos and poem above!

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The Spider’s Lair

IMG_8318 (2)

Spider’s handiwork

“Hotel California”

Strands glisten in light

He who dares to enter there

Is trapped in her tangled lair

IMG_8313 (2)



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Thanks to the Eagles for the reference to their song Hotel California

Web Makers


All around my back yard, flower beds, and garden, I am finding spiders at work building webs, hoping to snare some unsuspecting insect. As summer draws to a close, fall sneaks in quietly, with shorter days and welcomed cooler temperatures. Spiders will use their catch for nourishment to help then create an egg sacs that will survive fall and winter, hatching in the spring as warm days return again. The cycle of life continues.

Spiders keep spinning

Autumn’s internal clock ticks

Bugs feed urgency


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Written for Frank Tassone’s Saturday Haikai challenge.  Our writing needed to reflect the message that autumn is near.

#Haikai Challenge #47 (8/18/18): autumn near (aki chikashi) #haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga

Beauty for a Day


Haikus from the Web


Delicate strands shine

Morning dew brings out beauty

Only for a day


Carefully spaced strands

Unaffected by the rain

Spider’s dreamcatcher


Drawn to web’s allure

Nature’s polyester thread

Bugs hit the bull’s eye


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

She Waits


Web of Death

In her dark tunnel she hides

Lying in wait for the blazing sun

Dew drops clinging to her web

Breathing quietly // with the patience of Job…

Knowing lunch comes as soft breezes blow.

Her web of death // spun for unwitting insects

Entangled in her shimmering threads.

Thin as fiber optics… strong as steel

Once entangled // they are her next meal

From her tunnel of darkness she emerges

Like a horror on the fun-house ride

One venomous bite // and it’s all over

Then she’s back inside


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

My Long Legged Friend


I have a little spider who lives among my tools

With long gangly legs she maneuvers her web

Like a giant robot in a factory assembly line

She weaves fine strands to catch unsuspecting fools


Some unsuspecting fly or a gnat gets entangled

She wraps her dinner for later in the day

As quick as a flash her reactions far reaching

As flies and bugs get injected and strangled


Her web of fine silk is thinner than your hair

A predesigned pattern programmed in her

Every strand exactly placed perfectly aligned

So thin it blends in you cannot even tell it’s there


When I come by and rattle my tools

She scurries to the top to hang on her foundation

Knowing one movement can ruin her day

Making her start over catching unsuspecting fools


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Web of Death


Traveling today on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina I came across this beautiful web soaked in the dew of a heavy overhanging fog. Its amazing engineering is breathtaking, as it reflected in the water drops shimmering in the morning light. Amazing something so beautiful can be a web of death.  Much like the rest of our life. The things that shimmer and shine sometimes bring our demise!

Web of Death

In her dark tunnel she hides

Lying in wait for the blazing sun

Dew drops clinging to her web

Breathing quietly with the patience of Job

Knowing lunch comes as soft breezes will blow

Her web of death for unwitting insects

Entangled in her shimmering threads

Thin as fiber optics strong as steel

Once entangled they are her next meal


From her tunnel of darkness she emerges

Like a horror on the fun-house ride

A venomous bite and it’s all over

Then she’s back inside