Poetry Garden of Forbidden Fruit


There’s a Poetry Garden of Forbidden Fruit
Where words, when planted grow and bear fruit
Some words, like the Trail of Tears, wreak havoc
Others have hidden or not so hidden connotations.
Lazy Housewife, The Czar, and Black Beauty leave one
wondering what is really being implied when applied.
Beware of the Dazzling Blue peppers like Blue Fire
They may sound sweet as a Princess, but when spoken
come out like dragon’s breath // making one feel singed.
Beware of the words of the Wizard // fruit tasting delectable
but leaving a bad after taste // cutting like a Purple Sword.
Make your words like lovely Aurora, Tender and True
with a touch of Reine des Glaces.
Stay out of the Garden of Forbidden Fruit.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Sarah at d’Verse introduced us to the idea of a garden of poetry. She gave us a list of heirloom garden seeds to pick from and plant some poetry seeds into a poem. The list of words are all real seed names and are highlighted in black in the poem above.

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She Sings


Daniel T Stowe Gardens #7 2018 (2)She sings
Though she cannot speak.
Halting words
“Hel-l l lo”
But as the music plays,
Oh… can she sing;
Every word plain and clear
smooth as jazz
she sings
a smile
across her face the words pour out
her soul
with a rhythm,
and yes,
with spoken words
clear and unchained;
For the stroke
did not
affect that side of the brain.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



How would you describe your words. Are they building and encouraging or do the cut and tear people down.  At this time of the year it is important to build relationships and avoid the critical and judgmental attitudes. Have a great family time. Focus on the positive.

Some like Legos building
Foundations tight and strong
Holding us together
Whatever comes along
Built to last almost any assault

See the source image

Some like Dominos
Where the least little thing
Sets them off ranting and raving
Running on till they destroy
all that had been set up before


Photos: bing images

Music the Last to Go


I remember the first time I saw a stroke victim sing. It was quite a shock. I had taken my guitar to the rest home to sing some Folk Songs of the 1960s with the residents. One lady who could hardly tell me her name began singing clearly with me on This Land is Your Land. It was one of the most beautiful things I ever experienced. Speech and music come from different sides of the brain, so even though speech is difficult the singing ability is still there.

Music is the Last to Go

Musical vibes floating all around

Pushing the air beating our drums


Emotions of joy come pouring out

Raising our spirit making us shout

Coming from that spot in our brain

That touches our soul and keeps us sane


No matter what happens

Be it stroke or loss of speech

Music still flows

When talking’s out of reach


When it’s time to sing

We can sing every line

In rich melodic tones

Leaving all behind

Speechless in that moment

Wondering what just happened

Jaws drop in shock

As we sing with abandon


Musical speech unlocked in the brain

Music and talking ride a different train


In that gray matter that sometimes goes wrong

Our talking is slurred our conversations gone

Musical diction will still make us shout

From the very first note the words flow out

Bringing awe and wonder to all  who are about


Painting of Harmony Guitar -Dwight L. Roth