Ant Universe

IMG_1874 (2)

The first spring flowers appear yellow gold along the creek. As I looked closer, I saw a tiny ant crawling on a petals. I wonder what drives ants. Is it simply instinct or do they actually think about what they are doing. Are they just robots of the creator, or do they like we, think beyond themselves and wonder, “What else is out there?”

Tiny ant explores

its own little universe

Spring flower petals


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

April Moon

Super Moon - Miriam Keyes (3)

This beautiful moon was captured by my sister-in-law in Southern British Columbia. Frank Tassone, shared with us today that early native Americans set time by the lunar cycle. They gave names to each one. The April full moon is called the Pink Moon! Seems to fit in very well with the falling of pink cherry blossoms. He asked us to write a Haikai poem that in some way included the pink April Moon.

 April Full Moon shines
Light rubbing off on the trees
Spring lights up the world
Shades of pink cherry blossoms fall
Soft petals become Spring snow


        Moon Photo: Miriam Keyes

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