How many of you remember using one of these?


Fated to live retracing steps taken

Backspacing becomes the norm

A brain one wire short of perfection

Requires backspacing to be the norm

In bygone days erasures quickly met metal

Pen and ink scratched out those shorts

Some keep asking // thinking I should learn

But for me backspacing is the norm

Distractions, only a second past, causes forgetfulness

A mind with a missing memory chip

Seems repetition should solve the problem

But with me backspacing is the norm

Reminders in multiples of ten are needed

Lamenting the need to repeat again and again

Brings no healing to a chipless brain

For me backspacing is the norm

Names go through my canals // beat the anvils

And pass right on through // unless

Piggy-backed on another file //stored there for awhile

It may seem like I don’t care // and sometimes I am not aware

Forgetfulness becomes my greatest flaw

When I am old // perhaps I’ll be excused

They’ll call it Alzheimer’s …and lock me away

Saying for him backspacing is all he ever does


Stamp Art: Dwight L. Roth

Black and White

Hatteras Lighthouse verticle 001 (4)

What would the Hatteras Lighthouse
look like without both black and white?
One compliments the other
giving definition and accent.
Black and white, when combined side by side,
create a strikingly beautiful combination.
In today’s society, we seem to be moving
more toward the gray…
where nothing is ever black or white.
What are we losing in the mix?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Anmol (Alias Ha) asked us to consider shades of black and write a poem using one aspect of the word. In painting I realize how important black is in creating contrasts. Dark against light makes them pop. In society we seem to be trying to blend everything and everyone together.  We seem to be losing the definitions we once considered important. My poem asks the question. What is your answer?

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