Snake Oil Salesmen

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If you are like me, you despise seeing all the drug commercials every time you turn on the TV. It seems like they are churning out a new drug every week. If you listen to the side-effects listed at the end, you wonder why anyone in their right mind would even think of taking it.  We are so drug oriented that we have now labeled every little thing in our society,  that is out of the norm, as an illness, which in turn needs a drug to help control or cure it! What are we thinking. While the pharmaceutical companies and Vitamin Companies get rich we get hooked!!!  Just ask your doctor if this is right for you …and for him!


Snake Oil Salesman

In days long gone the salesmen traveled

With Snake Oil potions concocted and bottled

From covered wagon they sold their wares

A few drops would in two weeks cure any ill

Step right up get your bottle and pay your bill

Cures headaches stomach cramps and every little chill

Almost two hundred years later they’re still here

In your face on TV peddling tales for you to hear

Sneaky and brazen they make their plea

Step right up folks try this weird new cure

Promising side-effects you don’t want to hear

Xeljan Invokana Keranique and Stelara

Just ask your doctor gets him off the hook

So many pills they don’t all fit in the book

Puts all on you when things go wrong

A hundred bad things happen to get one imagined cure

You need this new bottle it’s only just one more

Leaving you worse off than you ever were before

Snake oil salesmen invade your mind

With flowery words they hope you’re blind

Every day when you turn on your cable line

Blind we are and hooked on their elixir

Trusting our lives to this witchdoctor’s fixer

A drug-crazed public believing every word

Expecting a pill for every ill they’ve heard of


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