Time Slippin’


As time slips by I find joy in moments
Beauty of yellow wildflowers swaying
Song of bright red Cardinal singing sweetly
The world around me struggles with rebirth
The same weeds come up from long hidden roots
Pulled so plump red tomatoes can grow

This is Quadrille Monday at d’Verse Poets Pub. Linda asked us to write a Quadrille of exactly 44 words using the prompt slip. My poem today deals with the passage of time; living one day at a time, and being in the moment of awareness of all that is going on around me.

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Potter’s Love



Potter’s Love

Hands smoothing and shaping

Admiring sweet creation

Perfect in every form

No need to recreate

Feeling soft clay

Thin smooth as silk

Watching clay spin on the wheel

Hands reshaping and restoring

Feeling the rounded curves

Knowing how beautiful the finished product

As the light from the window glances off

Recreating every line in his mind

Feeling the rhythm of the spinning wheel

Slowing down speeding up

As the slip slides through his fingers

The wheel finally reaches its peak

A final smoothing of the hand

From top to bottom

The original potter really did

Know what he was doing


Photo: downtownpottery.com