Opinion and Truth

A statue of the blindfolded lady justice in front of the United States Supreme Court building as the sun rises in the distance symbolizing the dawning of a new era. – Getty Image

In today’s divided society, with cameras everywhere, no one wants to wait for the system to do its job. We all have our opinions about what we are fed on the News Media. Some believe everything and others believe none of it. Protests and riots occur immediately when incidents happen. When we are given only half of the truth, we tend to accept it as the whole truth. This divides us even more. When opinion becomes truth we are all in trouble.

Social media

Everyone judge and jury

Public Opinion

Tantrums thrown stores up in flames

Not everyone gets their way

Today at d’Verse, Grace asked us to write a protest poem. She emphasized that words and poetry are powerful tool that can help bring about change in our world. I struggle with all division and misinformation that comes across social media. The tragic deaths of black men and women, as well as police officers, and children killed in crossfire disturbs me greatly. Somehow we need to learn to listen to each other and co-operate together to make everyone’s life better. I have written my poem in the Tanka format!

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Winter of my Mind (in this summer of my life)

EER_0599 (2)

I am in the winter of my mind, where shadows creep

and darkness comes early // seeming never to sleep…

closing in and overshadowing my thoughts.


Creativity remains with each bright new day

bringing a spot of sunshine from friends far away

of like minded bloggers and a few online friends.


I must close off the darkness // of  “hurricane News”

and “tornadoes of fear” // with darkness infused

leaving my mind destroyed by what I hear.


I’ll go back to my writing and pretend not to see

the streets in upheaval and the mothers who plea

for children caught in the crossfire // each day, it seems.


For truth these days seem more one’s perception

with marching politicians and Covid physicians

and dissent is met with racial accusations.

Photo; Dwight L. Roth

I am sharing this on open link night at d”Verse poets night.  With all that has been going on the past five months, I feel a little stir-crazy at times. Seems a lot of others feel the same way from all chaos I  see happening across the country, on the evening news. It pains me to see children shot, and no one seems to raise a voice or carry a sign for them. Very sad indeed! These are some of my thoughts as I stay in my cocoon!

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I got my inspiration for this poem today, after reading Lynn’s Poem this morning:

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Katydid Still Sings


Once again we hear of senseless shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. In a world filled with stress and divisiveness this has sadly become something to be expected.  Without addressing the root problem of mental illness it will continue on into the future. The song of the Katydid reminds us that life will go on in spite of us.

Sounds of shots echo

Evil rears its ugly head

Katydid still sings


Photo: Public Domain

Frank Tassone asks us to write a Haikai poem that includes the Katydid.

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The Phoenix Rises

IMG_3235 (2)

Another senseless shooting here at UNC Charlotte this week left families devastated. The student who tackled the gunman gave his life to save his classmates. The whole community is in mourning over the incident. Many turned out along the highway today as the young man was brought back to his hometown of Waynesville.

Rising from the ashes
the phoenix returns.
Bringing hope and strength
to all who hear
the tale of rejuvenation.
In this time of violence
destruction and mayhem,
personal devastation and loss
may seem to much to bear.
But, like the phoenix
life will return
And from the ashes
good will come.


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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What would you do if you were driving down the road and saw an accident happen? This week a team of high school football players and their coach, on their way home from a game, saw the car in front of them lose control and flip over right in front of them. In the car an elderly couple were trapped and could not get out.  The boys and their coach stopped to help. They all pushed on the car, lifting it high enough to get the man out, and then they freed the woman as well.

The week before a teacher in the classroom threw a basketball at a school shooter to distract him. As a result the teacher was shot and wounded and the shooter taken into custody.

What does it take to do a selfless act. It takes courage. Courage is not something you plan for, but rather something that you do when circumstances call for it.


Courage often unplanned // shows itself upon demand

When bursts of adrenaline flow in waves

Demanding response // and action to save

Seeing others in vulnerable life-threatening positions

Knowing life and death stands between me and split seconds

Would I have the courage to take a stand…

Jump in harm’s way to lend a hand


No one knows how they would react

Overriding fear // having their back

Risking life and limb for ones fellow man

Becoming the hero when adrenaline demands


Photo: dailymail.co.com

Thanks to Ali Grimshaw’s blog post that I read today, for the inspiration for this poem. Please check out her post as well:

Courage rides the train



Aretha sang, “R.E.S.P.E.C.T,” many years ago

Crying out for acknowledgement

Elevating women to a place of equality

Respect… not something earned

Rather something given

Respect… a word that brings life

Allowing for mutual understanding

Appreciating the value of one another


Many have died in confrontations with police

Black lives, Blue lives, and many more

Conflict and reactions bring escalation

Disrespect stirs the soul’s darkest response

Death and carnage often follow

How many would still be alive

If they had given R.E.S.P.E.C.T


Public Domain Photo: wp.12.com


Living Outside the Box

Covered Walkway at Pattillo Elem.

“Do you know what it means to sacrifice?” This was the question posed to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. He went on to say how hard he has worked to build fantastic buildings and put people to work.  All of this in comparison to the family who lost a son while saving his men from a suicide bomber. I believe many of us are more like Trump than the one who made the ultimate sacrifice. How many of us who are white have our children in schools where they are the minority? How many of us work two or even three jobs. How many of us are worried when we leave our house that we might be accosted by a policeman who is profiling us.  We live outside the box that the black community experiences every day. We have plenty to say, but we do not understand their sacrifice.


Living Outside the Box

The world continually changes

Right in front of our eyes

Shootings of young black men

Retaliatory shootings of cops

Believing our perspective is right

Shaped by a misguided media

Alive with authoritative bias

Salivating over the sensational the salacious

Living safer behind our social walls

Guarding our entitlements

Shielding our kids from harsh reality

Others struggle with little choice

Perpetuating entitlements of a different kind

A system unchanged money pouring in

Researchers in a societal lab of poverty

Conducting the experiments

But never being part of it