While visiting the Muttart Conservatory last month we watched this couple unabashedly taking selfies in the pyramid housing the giant moon hung from the ceiling. There were a number of people walking through the exhibit, but they were so engrossed with taking their selfies that they didn’t seem to know anyone else existed.  How sweet to be in love.

It’s all about us

Selfies to remember this day

In front of strangers



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Lasting Memories

ashley's baptism photos April 2010 023

Mem’ries // mortar joints

Sealing life events with love

Laying foundations

Strengthening relationships

Fam’lies last for a lifetime

ashley's baptism photos April 2010 050


Frank asked us to write a poem of only five lines, any style, for our d’Verse poetry prompt. My poem uses the Tanka 5-7-5-7-7 pattern. Hopefully it is done correctly.

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Who needs mirrors //we have selfies!

Gone are the days of looking in the mirror

Only to leave and forget what we saw

Now we have photos // permanent images

Wild and crazy images posted across the net

So close, we can count the pimples and pinch the zits

Mirrors are so uncertain //fleeting images

Liars we can rationalize and refute

Going back to pretending dementia

Just like the scale’s high numbers

But with Selfies, the narcissistic addiction

We are so enraptured with ourselves

We think others on the web will all agree

Perhaps we need to go back

Look in the mirror and leave it there

Selfies make liars of all

“Like” is a relative term


Clip Art:

Our poetry challenge prompt today on d”Verse comes from Bjorn, who asks us to write a poem about mirrors.  Any poem using the word mirror is ok. Come visit us at d’Verse~Poetry Pub.