Waiting Spaces

New Book Reveal

While searching for answers.

Staying in places of rest and growth, or unsure of where to call home.

Waiting Spaces explores the feelings of waiting through poetical thought and spoken word. 

Each poem is written as a letter to those who are in their own spaces of waiting.

 Perhaps you will find one written to you. 


Above is the tag line from Waiting Spaces by Acacia Mitchell of thoughtsfromatree.com blog . She has written a new book of poetry is now on amazon. com

You can find it on Amazon Kindle at the site below:


Acacia asked me to review her book and share my thoughts with you. I enjoyed her poems, especially a few in the middle that dealt with Grace and understanding who we are as God’s children…. letting go, and creating space in our lives. This is very important in understanding how God’s love for us carries us forward, in spite of the cracks in our sidewalk! Acacia’s form of writing seems to flows from a stream of consciousness and is not chopped up in thought. I believe you will find her book interesting and helpful as you face your own waiting spaces, especially in this time of Covid-19. ~ Dwight L. Roth

The Unknown

Dwight & Ruth's Wedding0002 (2)

You might think ignorance and self-confidence are a strange combination, but when it comes to life, they are sometimes the secret to success. When we are young and invincible, we are ready to try anything. As we get older we are less and less inclined. We are fortunate not to know what the future holds.

Ignorance and self-confidence
Take us places where
Rational thinking might slam the door.
Telling us it is too hard
…too much
…too complicated
…beyond our abilities.
Getting married // having a baby
Being a parent // growing old
All come without instructions.
Still // we step into the unknown
Thankfully ignorant of what the future holds
Knowing that somehow // we will make it
To the end //mistakes and all


Photo: Jim Bowman

Cowardly Lies


The Wizard of Oz was a lesson in phycology for those who watched Dorothy and her three friends struggle with their deficiencies. As they made their way down the Yellow Brick Road, they discovered the confidence they lacked was really within them.  Today at d’Verse, Mish asked us to choose one of the three characters and write a poem from their perspective. I chose to write a poem addressing the Cowardly Lion’s lack of courage. At the end read the Lions response…Perhaps we could all learn something about ourselves from the Cowardly Lion!

Cowardly Lies (Dorothy)
Who stole the virginity of your mind
Telling you courage was not for you
Embedding self-depreciating thoughts
Of weak and unfounded fear

Who filled your mind with kryptonite lies
Making you weak and helpless when challenges arose
Hiding in the shadows afraid to show your face
Feeling like a mouse in a lion’s costume

You are more than a sniveling wimp
You are a Lion // proud and strong
Born with a king’s legacy in your DNA
Surrounded by a pride of ancestors gone before

To find your voice you must believe
Look deep into your heart
See the courageous King you were meant to be
Stand tall and strong // believe in yourself

Rise // and fulfill your destiny


Photo: from d’Verse Poetry Pub


The Lions Response:

A Change of Heart
Who stole the virginity of my mind
Telling me courage was not for me
Embedding self-depreciating thoughts
Of weak and unfounded fear

Who filled my mind with kryptonite lies
Making me weak and helpless when challenges arose
Hiding in the shadows afraid to show my face
Feeling like a mouse in a lion’s costume

I AM more than a sniveling wimp
I AM a Lion // proud and strong
Born with a King’s legacy in my DNA
Surrounded by a pride of ancestors gone before

To find my voice I must believe
Look deep into my heart
See the courageous King I was meant to be
Standing tall // and strong
I believe in myself

I Rise // and fulfill my destiny


Ink Spots


Ink Spots

Young and flawlessly beautiful

She emerged like a butterfly

Damp wings and all

Only to spread her wings and fly away

Into a challenging world of lessons to be learned

And bruises to be nursed.

With each clip of her wing

She put an ink spot with needle and blue

To remember not to repeat that one with you…

Ink spots

Indelible on her skin

Words to look at each day and remember

Who she is… fragile and ephemeral

Yet strong and determined to achieve

Feeding from all the beauty around her

Basking in the sunshine of spring

Looking forward to heat of summer

And perhaps a few more ink spots to remind her

To stay strong at the crossroads of life

Remaining true to herself and her dreams

Choosing the path less traveled

But most rewarding in the end


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

*Written for my beautiful granddaughter Ashley

Check out her artwork for sale:



We cannot depend on others to fulfill our dreams. We will be disappointed every time. If you want to make a difference. If you want to succeed at what you set out to do, you must find the inspiration within yourself to give you the life that will take you where you want to go. If you get praise, or accolades, they are simply icing on the cake. Hard work and persistence will make it happen. And above all enjoy the ride!

We can only fly

if we have dreams to be the

wind beneath our wings!


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Making Choices


Squirrels are famous for getting hit while crossing the street. I have driven down the street and seen one start to run out across. But before he is a third of the way across he stops and freezes. Trying to decide whether to go on or turn back.  If he had simply kept going he would easily have made it across. Sometimes his indecision keeps him there too long and he meets his demise. A good lesson for all of us. Indecision gets us nowhere. It is important to keep moving forward in life.


Indecision is the cancer of the soul

The stealer of joy in life

The weight that becomes unbearable

Indecision races through the mind

Veering wildly around sharp turns

Looking over steep heart-stopping cliffs

Indecision distorts perception

Assumes answers yet to be given

Like quicksand sucking us down

Indecision all-consuming anxiety

Fear of the inevitable choice

Knowing it must be made

Indecision leaves us chained

Stealing our freedom to be

Stuck in the swamp of worry and woe

Indecision leaves us impotent

Lacking will to move on

Leaving us hollow and empty


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Cleansing Fire


Starting Forest Fires

Gossip is what starts the forest fires of life

Lightning strikes landing at unexpected places

Catching listeners like dry tumble weed

Igniting in an instant those dry tinder ears

Just waiting for the next fiery strike

Bursting into flames traveling from ear to ear

No one can escape the heat of the flames

Moving faster than a person can run away

Following them licking their heels

Riding them like a horseman with a whip

Snapping pain into their being with every stumble

Leaving charred burned souls destroyed in its wake

But even the worst gossip cannot destroy everyone

Life re-emerges like fireweed brings returning beauty

The bark of some trees takes the fire and put out new leaves

What is intended to burn and destroy only brings out

The best in the strong and beautiful

Don’t let gossip destroy you

Fires just cleans your soul

Like purest gold


Forest Fire Painting: Dwight L. Roth