Blossoms to Beans

I am sad to see the beautiful purple hyacinth blossoms falling as the bees and humming bird suck out the last bit of nectar. Pollen has been passed around freely by all, and the cool breath of Fall is creeping in behind shortened days. In place of the blossoms purple seed pods emerge carrying on new life from season to season.

Bean blossoms preserved

Hidden within purple seeds

Fall is here once more

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Summer’s End

“Broken shadows across the cracked ground”

Sunflower bows its withered head

Dry seeds pecked out by finches

Leaves droop in hot sunshine

Stalk towering tall

Equinox winks

Trees blushing




Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today’s Poetics at d’Verse once again challenges me to try something new. Laura asked us to write a poem using a line from a list given. The one I am doing is the Nonet, which is syllable based starting with nine and ending with one. She gave us a choice of beginning lines and we had to continue it in sequence. I chose: “Broken shadows across the cracked ground” (cite Merwin) .With the Fall Equinox just around the corner, I used my dried up sunflower as my subject.

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IMG_E1649 (2)

Can one change the seasons or rush them into being

Make the Earth move faster in its revolution around the Sun

They all move in their designated times and spacings


Try as we may we cannot rush nature’s happenings

When we realize we too are part of that natural cycle

Perhaps we can relax and enjoy life happenings


We live in a world of beck and call // demanding

Results in minutes and hours // not months and days

Entitled souls // we believe we’re deserving


Nature has stopped us in our tracks

Showed us who really sets the course of our lives

And leaves us lying flat on our backs


As the world turns and the seasons change

Earth will be here long after we are gone

Reclaiming itself // and only our fossils will remain


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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Perpetual Motion


Cycles of life // ever changing

Water // seasons // life and death

Try as we may //no changes are made

Earth’s genetics determine its fate

A hiccup here // a burp there

New islands form // others wash away

The cycle goes on


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Kim from d’Verse asked us to write a Quadrille (exactly 44 words) using the word cycle. There are many ways one could go with this, but I decided to write about cycles that seem to never change.  There are so many cycles that we and the earth go through it seems like perpetual motion to me.

Analysis (A Hai bun)



Handwriting analysis has long intrigued me. My father introduced me to it when I was very young. The variations of the shapes of letters at the beginning, and especially the ending strokes of a signature, tell so much about the writer’s personality. Most signatures are a blend of more than one style.

Big bold and rounded letters often indicate someone who is very friendly and outgoing… a people person for sure. When the loops are small and precise, with uniform lettering all the way across, it may indicate a person who loves detail and perfection. When the endings of a person’s name have lots of flare, with long connected sweeping motion, and fancy dots on the iz, it indicates a very creative and artistic person.

On the other hand a person whose signature has lots of jagged points in their writing, at the bottom of gz or the top loop letters, or an  extended ending when crossing a t, may indicate someone who is impatient and critical of others. They often are hard to please and hard to live with!

Winter of my life

Cursive// manuscript // blended

My script’s  genius!!!

Kim, at d’verse~Poetry Pub, came up with an interesting challenge today. We are to write a Haibun about writing with pen or pencil that includes a Haiku ending mentioning a season.  My last few poems have been in a humorous vein. This one fits right into that style.

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