Filling the Void

During the Christmas season, we often find we are caught up in the Holiday rush to find the right gift.  The commercial aspects of Christmas start before Thanksgiving. Stores and retailers all want to cash in as people rush to buy presents they think will make someone happy. In reality happiness is short lived, but joy is a part of who we are as a person. True joy is found in God’s Love, which is the real reason for the season.
Christmas is not about
Christmas is not about
Wise men
Mary and Joseph
The baby
In a manger, cold
Not about Santa
Nor gifts or presents
Wrapped tight
Not shining bright lights
At night
Christmas is our sign
His love
Permeating Love
A universal void
Our hearts
Filled by the great I AM

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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The Lore of Chrismas

IMG_0589 (2).JPG

When we were visiting the Oregon Coast, we saw this set of bushes decorated with every kind of float you could imagine. They won’t need to decorate for Christmas. This colorful display will do just fine!

Colorful floats shine

calling for Christmas to come

Kids dream of Santa


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Santa Already!!

santa-clauseChristmas is still almost two months away and Santa is already out! Next week is Halloween and Thanksgiving is still a month away. What’s the rush? What do they hope to gain. It must be attention, because it made me look when I saw Santa on top of our local Mitsubishi dealership.

Santa Already?!

What to my wondering eyes  did I see

Santa on top the Mitsubishi

Blown up Santa bigger than a teddy

Not even Halloween and he’s here already

What are they thinking why so soon

It’s not even cold and he’s here before noon

Thanksgiving is still a month away

And what ‘a you know he’s here to stay

Unless the air that keeps him rotund

Stops it’s flow and he hits the ground

Hopefully he’ll make it till Christmas tide

And won’t blow away before his night ride


Photo on the fly with my flip phone!  Sorry for the poor quality! – Dwight L. Roth