When Death Comes Knocking

IMG_2630 (2)
It does make us rethink life when death is knocking
making us withdraw into our cocoons
Time to rethink our way of life // our values // our purpose
while we quarantine in our homes
Forced reflection demanded when death offers its portal
Looking out on quiet streets
Neighbors now masked strangers
Some live in fear // most take precautions
Others choose denial // finding reality hard to face
We now live in a time warp somewhere out in space
Getting prepared to make entrance
into a strange new world
Uncertain what walking through this portal may reveal
We step out cautiously and do as we’re told
Life is precious // some will die // most will live
We just hope and pray death’s portal
is not our chamber door

Staircase Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Anmol asked to consider the word portal for our prompt today! As we move into a new way of living with the dangers that are all around us, I chose to write about how it affects us mentally as well as physically.

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Fear keeps us from putting our self in harms way.  But when it is used as a manipulative tool it becomes a misperception that can take us down the wrong track. Think about the tragedies that create knee-jerk reactions resulting in new laws to protect us. Some are good and some are not very well thought through. For many, this election creates much fear and anxiety given the choices before us. Ironically it is people of faith who seem to worry most. This should not be the case if we believe what the Bible tells us: that God is in control of the nations, that all things work together for our good, and that God does not give us a spirit of fear.  It is not up to us. Read the poem and see what you think .                              

Fear creates anxiety

Believing we are helpless

Unable to control our future

Fear drives us to climb on board

Riding the band wagon of distress

Cheering the driver as we careen toward the cliff

Fear pre-empts good judgement

Listening to our insecurities

Instead of common sense

Fear is grasping for that last straw

Knowing it will not save us

But denying the inevitable

Fear is the method of control

For politicians, religious leaders, and jihadi terrorists

Dictators, Presidents, Kings, and Priests

Why do we choose a spirit of fear

When we could have ‘a Spirit of power,

of love, and of a strong mind’ (NKJV)

Light a candle of hope… dispel the darkness of fear


*Painting by Dwight Roth