Beauty on Beauty

There you were in the middle of my shot

Resting on a petal sunning yourself

Surfing all that beauty

Drowning in light

Reflecting every minute detail

Flawless yet simple


An engineering work of infinitesimal design

A gift from the creator of all wonders

The image of excellence

Beauty on beauty

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Note; I just received my copy of the new North Carolina Bards Charlotte Poetry Anthology this week. I am proud and honored that my poem, Cobwebs of the Blue Ridge, was included in this collection.



Some don’t fit the norm

Expectations run deep;

Thinking all should look exactly the same

Full of petals // one upon another

But what of the ones who don’t fit that form

With petals fragile and few // spread open wide

Some mutations occur without warning

Does it make them of less value or less beauty?

No // beauty doesn’t come in just one size and shape

Uniqueness brings a beauty all its own



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Last Rose of Summer


We enjoyed a warm Fall, but now the cold air is moving in and what had escaped the earlier cool nights is now getting frosted. I went out today to see what had survived and found the last rose of summer still bright red for one last day. Some of the others around it were wilting from the frost we had last night.

Frosty air arrives

Last rose of summer still smiles

Tomorrow she’ll die

Leaves shiver // aged overnight

Winter’s knocking on the door


Photos: Dwight L. Roth



IMG_2477When we visited the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, AB last summer, we saw this statue sitting in the middle of the Temperate Climate Pyramid.  The smooth sculpture reminded me of the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve naked

In the garden // picked a rose

No thorns // long smooth stems

Should have stuck with flowers red

Not with what the serpent said


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Imaginary Bike Ride

Come ride with me on my

Imaginary blue bicycle

Dream catcher circles

Petals floating in the breeze

Peddles that never go round

Red roses hover on unpruned stems

Baskets confining plastic pots

Pink Petunias’ toxic effervesce

Fragrance of spring

Close your eyes // smell the sunshine

Just remember…

Thorns change dreams to reality


Lillian, at d’Verse, gave us five photos to pick from to write using the theme “Sunnyside Up“. Anything related to the joyous coming of Spring and all the new life it brings.  I liked the colorful blue stationary bike, so this is my Sunnyside Up poem.

Come join us at d’Verse, pick a picture and write your ode to spring!






Our Love Goes On and On…


A few years ago, I bought a bud vase for my wife for Valentines Day. The roses sat on the island in the kitchen for the next week as we both enjoyed their beauty. One day I came home from work to find the rose petals had fallen off the stem and lay all around the bottom of the vase. It was a beautiful site that touched a nerve in me since I was struggling with growing older. I decided to write a love song to describe my feelings. I called it…

Our Love Goes On and On

Like the petals of a rose

Lying on the table bare

Beauty fades and soon is gone

But our love goes on and on


Yes, my love you’re like the rose

Lying on the bed next to me

Beauty fades and soon is gone

But our love goes on and on


In this life we have joy and pain

And our journey soon will end

Mem..ries fade and soon are gone

But our love goes on and on


Mem..ries fade and soon are gone

But our love goes on and on


Later I decided to do the painting  above to help me remember the scene.