My Faith


Faith is the floodplain of Grace
Where I plant my roots to grow
Giving me the strength I need
To find meaning and purpose in life
Faith is the floodplain of Grace
Where conscience and moral values
Are cultivated throughout my lifetime;
Bringing meaning and purpose to life
Faith brings meaning and purpose to life
Sharing in a community of likeminded
Believers who support and encourage
One another to become all we can be
Faith is my connection to God
Community is the cement holding us,
The lively stones // the believers in Christ,
Together in love and fellowship
Faith is the floodplain of Grace where I am rooted
The source of who I am

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Some Stand Alone


Some Stand Alone

Few it may be who can survive alone

Facing summer’s heat and winter’s cold

Grounded in their own strength

Very few stand alone undaunted

Rising high above the landscape

A tower of strength bowing to no one

No need for intertwined arms

Holding up others by their interlocking

Some find strength within themselves

Deeply rooted where waters rise

Feeding the inner being with life and energy

Like a monk in the mountain monastery

Providing shade that no one ever stands in

Viewed from afar with Goliath’s awe

Passed every day by thousands too busy

To find solitude under its spreading branches

Wondering as they go  flying by what it is

That makes something so beautiful

Stand alone


Photo: Dwight Roth