Rising Above the Grind

All is Lost - Painting

Rising above the Grind

You can be crushed battered by the waves

Or ride the surf for the thrill of your life

One must rise above to be free

Move beyond expectations

A resurrection of sorts

A new life of purpose

Beyond a crashing surf

Grinding you into a lifeless mass of sand

Freeing one’s self

Repositioning your life

Riding the swell

Carried by the crest

Letting it work for you

Not pound you into the sand

Free to be in control

Moving beyond the negative

Riding your wave of life

To vision and destiny

Winslow Homer - Bringing in the Catch.JPG

Paintings: All is Lost : Dwight L. Roth

Winslow Homer Restoration – The Herring Net : Dwight L. Roth



Above you see a para-snowboarder with a prosthetic leg compete in the World Cup doing the same jumps as those who have two good legs.  Every day I read wonderful poetry and see photography from many of you, who share that you are overcoming your disabilities through writing or photography. Stereotypes and stigmas are fading as we learn to see the abilities in people rather than disabilities.  It is a beautiful thing to see what is being accomplished. Today on Public Television, I watched a tribute to Mr. Rogers who shared with children that people who have disabilities also have great ability. This poem was inspired as I watched that show.


You are not defined by your disability

But by your ability to overcome

Not by what other people see,

But //by what they forget

When they are with you.

When we move from words

Like retarded and crazy

To challenged, unique, and special

We then replace

Old stigmas and stereotypes

Stop dissing your ability

Find abilities that make you special

Do not let others define you

Choose your goals

Set out to achieve them

Use your abilities and drop the dis-

Only you can overcome dis-abilities


Photo: whitelines.com

Some Stand Alone


Some Stand Alone

Few it may be who can survive alone

Facing summer’s heat and winter’s cold

Grounded in their own strength

Very few stand alone undaunted

Rising high above the landscape

A tower of strength bowing to no one

No need for intertwined arms

Holding up others by their interlocking

Some find strength within themselves

Deeply rooted where waters rise

Feeding the inner being with life and energy

Like a monk in the mountain monastery

Providing shade that no one ever stands in

Viewed from afar with Goliath’s awe

Passed every day by thousands too busy

To find solitude under its spreading branches

Wondering as they go  flying by what it is

That makes something so beautiful

Stand alone


Photo: Dwight Roth













Somewhere Above the Pain

Somewhere above the pain there is life

A place where one can live and function

Where hopes and dreams can still be achieved

Living above the pain does not make it go away

It only allows one to be in control

Pain lies rooted in one’s being

A constant reminder

Rearing its ugly head

Vying for control

Only to be suppressed once more

By hope determination and faith

Unwilling to resign oneself to fate

Knowing that above the pain

Above the pills

There is light and hope

It is a choice one must make

Every day all day long


*A tribute to my wife Ruth, who makes this choice every day, all day long!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

(Reposted from 2016)



Reach for the Light


Do you ever feel suffocated by the sensational news media. I find it overwhelming at times, listening to lying politicians spewing their personal brands of “New Hope and Change” In my opinion, little of what they propose will come to pass. I believe my faith is something that can transport me above the darkness. It is a way to rise rather than becoming overwhelmed. This poem is an invitation to faith.

Reach for the Light

Living in darkness

Trees reach for the light

Following the sun

As it reclines on the edge of the world

Knowing that without light

There is no life

My soul rises toward the light

In a world filled with darkness

Evil pressing in to overwhelm

Terrors for one who dwells below


Let your spirit rise with mine

Reach for the Son

The source of Light and Life

Always shining never hiding


Spirit touching spirit

Reflecting the Light of Love

My escape

From the eternal darkness around me