Ride the Wind

PBS presented a documentary on winter in the Alps which I watched this past week. The scenery was spectacular and the story of how the animals survive the extreme cold was amazing. But most spectacular of all was the soaring Golden Eagle, riding high on the wind currents and making its nest on the craggy cliffs. Their magnificent coloration is a site to behold. Their strength and powerful vision makes it possible to survive where others would perish.

Eagle rides the wind

high above the ragged cliffs

Hares play in the snow

Today is Haibun Monday at d’Verse, and Frank asked us to write a haibun with reference to the Eagle!

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Today // I sat and watched a hawk
come sailing through the trees

Pushed by the wind he picked up speed
Wings folded back flying like a bullet

Lifting to ride on the March winds
Dipping diving // circling lifting
calling raspy notes to his mate

Today // first day of spring…
My mind soared in freedom

with every sweeping pass


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If I Were a Hawk

We have a hawk that sits on the wire at the entrance to our community. He seems unphased by our commings and goings. He has a huge field behind him that helps sustain him. He is a really beautiful creature.  I wrote this poem and submitted it to be considered in the upcoming anthology at Old Mountain Press. The theme is Come Fly with Me. Hopefully it will fit in to the new collection of poems and Flash Fiction. Tom Davis, the editor, does a really great job putting these together. If you would like to read some of the past anthologies, they are on Amazon Kindle. Look up Tom Davis to get his books.


If I were a Hawk

Perched on the power line

Watching cars come and go


X-ray vision scanning the field

Seeing every tiny movement

Deciding on my daily menu

Would you come sit with me

If I were a Hawk

Rising from the wire

Soaring to new heights

Spreading my wings on the wind

Feeling its power rising beneath

Concentric circles in time and space

Would you come rise with me

If I were a Hawk

Riding unseen currents

A Floating Free Spirit on updrafts

Surveying my kingdom

Horizons unlimited

As far as the eye can see

Would you come fly with me


Pbotos: Dwight L. Roth