A New Beginning

When I retired from teaching elementary school, in 1998, I still had fifteen years until I could fully retire. I ran my own Home Repair business for two and a half years, and then taught a building construction class with the Community College for another two and a half years.

It was the winter of 2005, and my class of ten students dwindled down to six, after the first week. We were partnering with Habitat for Humanity, giving them hands on experience in actually building houses. The snow that came that first week caused a few to drop out. As a result, the class was canceled. It was discouraging to me to be left without an income until another class could be scheduled.

My friend Bunky ran a vinyl siding business. He heard that my class was canceled, and called asking if I would come and fill in for a couple of weeks as sales manager for the warehouse. He had just fired his whole warehouse staff “for selling siding out the back door!” I knew nothing about vinyl siding and just a little about the computer, but I agreed to do what I could. This was Saturday. I went in on Sunday afternoon to learn how to do invoices on the computer, and started work the next day! It was very unsettling to attempt to run the warehouse by myself, but I learned all about it. That was on Valentines Day, 2005, and I continued to work for him for the next six years, until I retired in 2011!

Snowfall takes its toll

Students not ready to work

Friends help each other

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lillian asked to think of a time in our life when we had a New Beginning! She asked us to write a Haibun consisting of up to three short paragraphs followed by a traditional Haiku.

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Reincarnation Reboot

Little Chippie on Dwights shoulder

I fully retired in 2011. Over the years I had many interests that have since been helpful to fill my time now that I am retired. I began to spend time doing acrylic painting. Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting came on PBS create channel every day at 12:30. I watched in awe, while eating my lunch, as he painted a whole painting in less than a half hour. I began to experiment with his painting techniques and finally found some success.
Little Chippie was a mourning dove who fell out of his nest too early. We began to feed him and he became like a pet, actually eating out of our hand. This was my last personal encounter with Chippie. As he got older he began to be more distant. We went on vacation for two weeks and when we returned he had adjusted to life in the wild. We were sad to lose the connection, but realized this day would come. You can read the original poem at https://wordpress.com/post/rothpoetry.wordpress.com/18410
I wrote a children’s book Little Chippies Big Adventure, which is also an e-book on kindle.

Painting with my friend
Spring dove brought social closeness
Now the bird has flown

Photo: Dwight L. Roth
Kim at d’Verse asked us to go back and find an autobiographical poem and add prose and a haiku to it for Haibun Monday.

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Dwight painting with Little Chippie

When the cheers die down
The last race is won
My life’s work complete
What now
Time for reincarnation
A change of direction
A new challenge
A little slower pace
A bigger smile on my face
No need to assume it’s over
The Rocking Chair can wait
There is new life in reincarnation
Not as great
Not as loud
Rewarding just the same
My work does not define me
I am defined by reincarnation


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Read Little Chippie’s Big Adventure on Amazon Kindle:


A cake just for me! 001

Changing principals was a very difficult transition for me during my 29 years teaching elementary school. One of my most loved principals died of cancer, followed by a principal who had just finished her Masters in Administration. It appeared to me that she was hired to clean house by the Central Office. She came in with an attitude, and after her first year most of our older teachers resigned. I finally crawled into my classroom hole and hibernated until she finally left for a year of study, and was replaced. The next principal was a really great administrator who supported us and was fair and balanced with everyone.

Snow Queen brings winter

Hibernate ‘till summer comes

Snow melts in sunshine


Relationships strain

An attitude adjustment

helped me through the heat


Today Merril, at d’Verse, asked us to write a Haibun sharing a transition we have experienced. Looking back, I am amazed I survived those years.

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Photo of cake from my retirement party: Dwight L. Roth


Which Record are You


Which Record are You

Which record are you on the turntable of life

78 45 or 331/3

Young people today are 78’s spinning faster and faster

Racing in everything they do attempting to do it all

Never having enough time always something more

The job the kids the wife the dog the trash the yard

None stop spinning at top speed

Perhaps you are a 45 spinning at half the speed

Finding time for some fun in your life

Prioritizing in ways that feed your soul and spirit

Loving life working hard pacing your self

Seeing the good in the world around you

I feel like I am in 33 1/3 speed spinning at a leisurely pace

Finished with the 78’s and less of the 45’s

Career is done and life is good finding my stride

Choosing my hobbies my friends and enjoying my family

No longer killing myself to get to the finish line

Realizing it is just around the bend

But not yet in sight

The House By the Side of the Road


Being retired has its perks. One is having the time to write for this blog. Another is choosing my own schedule. The best part is being able to volunteer and give back to the community. I found this beautiful little poem painted on glass and in a gilded frame while volunteering at the Habitat Restore. I really love the poem because it very concisely says what I feel about this stage of my life.  I hope you enjoy it as well

The House by the side of the Road

Let me live in a house by the side of the road

Where the race of men  go by

The men who are good and the men who are bad

As good and as bad as I

I would not sit in the scorner’s seat

Or hurl the cynic’s ban

Let me live in ha house by the side of the road

And be a friend to man


From the writings of Sam Walter Foss




A cake just for me! 001

I enjoyed watching swimmer Michael Phelps and his team mates winning their gold medals at the summer Olympics in Rio. He says this will be his last Olympic competition.  After winning 23 gold medals in his career, what does he do for follow up.  Being only in his thirties, he has over half of his life ahead of him. If he is going to survive retirement, he will need to find a way to reinvent himself. This is my own personal idea of retirement reincarnation


When the cheers die down

The last race is won

My life’s work complete

Hiding our the bird nest 001

What now?

Time for reincarnation

A change of direction

A new challenge

A little slower pace

A bigger smile on my face


No need to assume it’s over

The Rocking Chair can wait

Rocking Chair

There is new life in reincarnation

Not as great

Not as loud

Rewarding just the same


My work does not define me

I am defined by reincarnation

My choices make all the difference

Ebb & Flow

Coal to Diamonds

Englewood Assembly Choir 001

Some people have the ability to take what they are given and make something really special from it. The was true of the Choir Director at the church we attended for ten years. Betty Jo was a skilled musician who could take those of us who were average singers and create  beautiful music for the Sunday morning worship service. It reminds me of the Hank Williams, Jr. song, “I’m just an old chunk of coal, but I’m gonna be a diamond some day!”  This poem was written for her retirement as Choir Director, and says what I feel about her wonderful accomplishments.

Coal to Diamonds

Sunday after Sunday week after week

The choir at Englewood Assembly sings

A gift as unto the Lord

Some churches seek professionals

An appointment a try-out

Perfect pitch required

At Englewood Betty Jo takes any willing voice

Welcomes them into the choir

Knowing miracles really do happen

Chunks of musical coal hoping to become diamonds someday

Her group of singers honing their voices

Blending many into one

Some stand out facets shinning in the Son Light

Lifting their voices to the Lord

Diamonds formed with pressure and time

No matter whether there be few or many

Betty Jo encourages each and everyone

Knowing Coal becomes Diamonds in His Light

Every Sunday Morning at Englewood Assembly

A choir of sparkling diamonds sings

A master embodying the Master

Gathering jewels for His Crown