Food, Family, Intimacy

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In the winter of 2019, we celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary. It was a great time of food, fun, and most of all family. This was just before the covid pandemic, so all of our children and grandchildren were able to come from near and far.

We shared a great meal at our local O’Charley’s restaurant and enjoyed great conversations. It is so much more rewarding to go out to eat when joined by family. I guess this is where the term breaking bread together comes from. Back when everyone broke pieces off of a large loaf of bread and used it to eat their food, eating was an intimate connection.

Breaking bread

Intimate expressions shared

Family connections

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Merril remembers her father who would be 103 if he were still living. She shared his love for celebrating with his family at his favorite restaurants. She asked us to write about a favorite restaurant and why it is important to us.

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Back to Normal

I guess the turtles haven’t heard of social distancing. We visited Dogwood Park again yesterday and saw all this log full of turtles sunning themselves. I think I count seventeen of them on this log. I saw them off in the distance and circled around and down through the trees to get this shot.

Today was Mother’s day, and having had our shots, we decided to venture out to one or our favorite restaurants for a late afternoon dinner. We arrived at 2:00 thinking we would avoid the crowd but it was a lot like the turtles on the log above. All booths and tables were open and for the most part full. They did add extensions to the back of the booths to raise them higher. Staff wore masks, but eaters obviously did not! It was very nice to be back in a feeling of pre-Covid normal again.

Felt back to normal

Out for Mother’s Day dinner

Turtles rock their log

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Flyin’ Chicken

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When we visited our hometown last fall we passed this restaurant. It held my interest for two reasons. It has a very unusual name for a restaurant and I have a grandson named Aidan! I had to get a photo of it to bring back with me. Hope you enjoy my humorous poem.

Aiden’s Flyin’ Chicken

Chicken flyin’ // chicken flippin’
And every one just right for pickin’
Landin’ right in the frying pan
Ready for a hungry hardworkin’ young man
EER_0369 (3).JPG
Right next to Sam’s bar // Cheer the Steelers near and far
But if you drink too much you won’t find your car
Best get your lotto ticket and skip the bar
Daily specials // Open till 10
If you like it you will certainly be back again

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Photos of Aiden’s Flyin’ Chicken in Uniontown, PA.  – Dwight L. Roth

Things That are Gone

Brick wall mural

Old murals painted on brick walls are always a great find. While traveling in Pennsylavania we stayed in Manheim, a small town north of Lancaster. The front desk person at our motel recommended we check out a little out of the way restaurant with fine food in the middle of town.

The Cats Meow

It was called the Cat’s Meow and was decorated in the Roaring Twenties Flappper style.

Cat's meow wall photos

It was upstairs in a brick house across from the Beer Distributer’s warehouse.  The food was really great and the décor was enchanting.

We could not find a parking space on the street, so we parked in the warehouse parking lot. When I got out I saw this beautifully painted old sign on the brick wall.  Although we were very tired from traveling all day, this really made it all worthwhile!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth