Sweet Friendship

Chris's family Easter 2010 085 (2)

Remember the days when just being close to a girl/guy
Made the day a little brighter and smiles a little bigger?
Fun days when carefree spirits shared the swing
Then took off to look for another adventure in the woods.
Oh for the days of youth // when life was a lightness of being;
Formative times of learning about life and love and relationships
Laying the foundation for future responsibilities
and more permanent bonds of commitment.

Chris's family Easter 2010 071 (2)

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Shared Responsibilities


We could learn a lot from Red Bellied Woodpeckers. Both male and female work together to create a home for their young. From the carving of the hole into the old rotten maple to keeping the eggs warm in the nest, they share responsibilities. When the eggs hatch the both help find food to feed the young ones. Think how much better society would be if we humans would work together in this way.

Redbellies share work

A carved home in rotten tree

Always together

Trading places  // warming eggs

Waiting for fledglings to hatch


No Competition

Shared responsibilities

One with nature’s plan


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Impressionable Minds


Children come into the world without bias, prejudice, or hate. Their minds are dry sponges in a world of wet experiences. Everything that goes into those sweet little minds determines how they will function as adults. Parents have an immense responsibility to make sure that what they soak up are values that will give them a foundation for life.


Impressionable minds

Virgin brains

Unpenetrated by bigotry or hate

A clean hard drive

Sponging up every detail of life


Impressionable minds

Seeing everything

Forgetting nothing

Imitating parents

Repeating what they hear

The good

The bad

The ugly


Tainted minds

Polluted with underlying bias

Picking up the hate

Imitating  bigotry


Impressionable minds

Can be filled with goodness

Bathed in Love

Full of Compassion

Exuding grace and forgiveness


What kind of parent are you

Your children will be

Your reincarnation


Photo: Dwight L. Roth