Suet Lover

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Every day she works on making a hole in the dead gumtree branch. How she keeps from getting a migraine I certainly do not know. She gets her energy from my suet cake hanging outside my window.

High in the gum tree

She slowly carves out a nest

Coming back for suet

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

January Birds


Cold weather in January always brings the birds to my feeder. They bring me a lot of joy as I watch them gobbling down the sunflower seeds and millet. The Red Bellied Woodpecker and Mourning Dove share the feeder together. This is nice to see since birds are often very competitive for the food. Perhaps we could learn from them how to get along.

Woodpecker and dove

Share my winter bird feeder

A lesson for all


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Kim at d’Verse asked us to write a Haibun that talks about January and all it brings with it. I love my winter birds so I chose to write this one.

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Vacation on a Limb


Two lovebirds resting

Spring nest building pauses

Resting from their work

Homebuilding can be tiring

Vacationing together


This tanka was written for Frank Tassone’s Haikai Challenge. We are to use the word Vacation/Holiday in our poem.  I finished this Photo painting of these birds today. I am stretching the prompt a little to give them a much needed vacation on a limb!

This Photo was shot out my back window with a 200mm zoom lens. I got lucky on this shot. Only one chance for the photo and it turned out great. Printed on canvas then painted with acrylics.

Red Bellied Woodpecker painting: Dwight L. Roth

#Haikai Challenge #45 (8/4/2018): Vacation/Holiday #haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga


Painting Poetry


I watched these two Red Bellied Woodpeckers carve out their nest in a rotten maple tree at the edge of my yard. They worked together for almost a month to make a hole big enough to go inside and have a nest. I took a lot of photos with my 200mm lens and had a couple of them printed on canvas. After printing, I noticed that the birds were not as sharp as I would have liked. Since I like to paint with acrylics, I decided to paint over the photo using the same colors to make the colors more vivid. I finished this one today.

Working together

As spring buds open around

Carving out a home

Eggs laid will hatch into chicks

Raising their young together


Poetry in motion



Shared Responsibilities


We could learn a lot from Red Bellied Woodpeckers. Both male and female work together to create a home for their young. From the carving of the hole into the old rotten maple to keeping the eggs warm in the nest, they share responsibilities. When the eggs hatch the both help find food to feed the young ones. Think how much better society would be if we humans would work together in this way.

Redbellies share work

A carved home in rotten tree

Always together

Trading places  // warming eggs

Waiting for fledglings to hatch


No Competition

Shared responsibilities

One with nature’s plan


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

The Neighbors Moved Out


The Neighbors Moved Out

Over the summer our neighbors moved out

Leaving an empty hole in the neighborhood


We watched in awe as they built this house

Admired their beauty and finesse


Watched as they raised their young ones there

Thinking they were neighbors beyond compare


But during the summer when they weren’t around

Some squatters moved in and settled down.

Only later did I notice something had changed

The perfectly round hole was not the same

They tore out the side of the entrance wall

Leaving a gaping hole through which to crawl


Those pesky squirrels with their sharp teeth

Gnawed a giant hole both wide and deep


They move right in without consent

Left the Red Bellied pair out on the fence


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Posing for Food


Today we got our first snow of the season. The birds came back and forth to my suet and seed feeders all day long. Seems like all the birds in the woods came by sooner or later. The little birds jumped up on my butterfly bush and sat there posing for photos as I clicked away. The ice and snow on the branches make a great back drop. This is a Bird poem with many thousands of words words. See how many you can identify.

Snow Birds




















Hope you enjoyed my collection. Photos by Dwight L. Roth