Mind Games


I’m climbing steep grades
Gets steeper as I go up
No way to go down

Head off back of pillow…

My mind floated through
Struggles from the past // long gone
Woke to a new day

Glad dreams aren’t reality
Reruns seem real while asleep


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today is Quadrille Monday once again and Mish, at d’Verse, asked us to use the word steep as a prompt. That got me dreaming and this poem evolved in my mind! A quadrille of exactly 44 words.
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Peaceful Resignation


The week after Thanksgiving in 2012 we received news that my wife’s mother was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She was 86 years old and after consulting with the family, made the decision not to pursue extended treatments. The doctors said she would probably not live more than a month or two. She lived until August of 2013.
Waiting in real time for what we all know is going to happen is not always easy. She made the most of her time left, celebrating Christmas with us at the care facility she moved into. Her attitude was one of peaceful resignation all the way through. Her nurses loved her and took very good care of her. She said that she had lived a full life and was ready to go.

Her time had now come
Peaceful resignation her choice
Snow falls// silent night



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Imelda, our guest host at d’Verse, asked us to write a Haibun that talks about waiting.  I am sharing a very personal time of waiting that happened to us a few years ago.

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Love…the song we sing



In 1967 when I was in college learning to play the guitar, the Youngbloods came out with their hit song “Get Together”. Then, it was Civil Right and the Viet Nam War that divided our country. Now it is divided for very different reasons. There call to come together and “Love one another right now!” still holds true today. Utopian solutions never come through politics and ideology. It only comes when we truly love one another. Until then, a utopian society is just a dream. Amaya at d’Verse asked us to write about our idea of utopia. This took me back to the sixties and the cry of the Folk Singers, prophets of the day, calling us to come together.

Dreaming of a utopia where everyone

carries equal importance and worth

I wake to the reality

that we have a very long way to go

Society seems filled with weeds

Growing up in the midst choking out the good

Overwhelming everyone with their personal agendas

Hope and change are delegated to a select few

While the rest wallow in disillusionment

In a society polarized down the middle

The good of all  is lost in contention and self-destruction

Elections seem not to appease the masses on either side

The solution lies not in Sociology or Political Science

Rather in the hearts of men, women, boys and girls

Utopia lies in the understanding of self-giving Love

That is not just a song we sing, but a way of life.

Only the love of God in the hearts of all

Will bring peace and fulfillment in the world


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Imaginary Bike Ride

Come ride with me on my

Imaginary blue bicycle

Dream catcher circles

Petals floating in the breeze

Peddles that never go round

Red roses hover on unpruned stems

Baskets confining plastic pots

Pink Petunias’ toxic effervesce

Fragrance of spring

Close your eyes // smell the sunshine

Just remember…

Thorns change dreams to reality


Lillian, at d’Verse, gave us five photos to pick from to write using the theme “Sunnyside Up“. Anything related to the joyous coming of Spring and all the new life it brings.  I liked the colorful blue stationary bike, so this is my Sunnyside Up poem.

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Cynical Reality


I believe that faith and proof are really contradictions and tend to get us nowhere. It is interesting to me how some people say they believe by faith and yet spend endless amounts of time trying to prove that their faith is reality based on the Bible, or on history, etc. Reality is not found anywhere in the definition of faith. In the Christian Bible Hebrews tells us that faith the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen!  In essence it is telling us that faith is a belief in something that has no tangible reality. So to try to prove it to be otherwise is contradictory. Our belief system  is based on faith. Faith is what we believe is the truth of God in our lives.  The only tangible evidence we need is that my faith works for me. I can only tell my own story. Beyond that it becomes your story to tell. What the future holds remains to be seen.

Cynical Reality

Pursuing knowledge down roads of history

Truth collections worn as halos

Crosses robes and purple hearts

Learned studies revealing questions

Drawing us into an never ending spiral

In pursuit of truth that makes

It no longer faith out of necessity

Rather truth in its actuality

What contradictions we offer

Finding faith and actuality

On the same train

Finding reality and unreality

To be identical twins

In the end finding love

To be the ultimate unending truth

And faith the ultimate unreality

How foolish we are to attempt

To prove the substance of things hoped for

And the evidence of things unseen



The Misrepresentation of “We”


On of the hard lessons in life that I had to learn is that not everyone thinks like I do.  To imagine that others don’t like what I like or dislike what I dislike was a lesson I had to learn.  It was interesting in the past election, how both sides claimed the “We” majority assuming that everyone believed like they did. What a shock to find out that was not the case. The “We” that included everyone failed to realize there were some who did not agree with their views.  How do you misrepresent “We” in your conversations?

The misrepresentation of  “We”

When something pleases me

It is not hard to say

“I like that!”

But when something displeases me

I revert to “We…

“We don’t like that!”

“We think that person is wrong.”

“All Americans believe…”

Interesting how people become inclusive

To make their point

It is easy to convince ourselves

Everyone else feels exactly like we do

“We” doesn’t always mean everyone

With many divergent minds

Coming together to create “We”

Is sometimes a stretch

How easy it is to include everyone

In my cause

Seems to hold so much more weight

Reality is harsh sometimes

When the “We” turns out to only be me


Photos:  Bing Photo (news.mongabay.com)  & Dwight L. Roth