Raindrop Rubies

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Have you ever seen a raindrop ruby shining in the afternoon light? Today was a little warmer, so I decided to catch up on my Fall yard work. When I finished, I sat down in my Adirondack Chair under the trees to cool off. I checked my cell phone for a while. At one point a few sprinkles fell. Two very tiny droplets landed on middle of my phone glass. As I looked at them I they looked like minute rubies and emeralds, depending on which way I turned the phone in the light.
I wondered how many people would have wiped the phone and missed the rubies. Very similar to life. If we take time to look around us, we might just find some sparkling rubies and emeralds in people we would usually pass over.

Raindrops on the glass
Refracted rubies sparkle
Fall rainbow compressed
Into tiny water drops
Look closely before they’re gone

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Memories of Home

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Today I traveled to joined my two brothers at the town where we all grew up for one last visit together. Everything changed greatly in the fifty years since we have been gone. The large cooling towers and stacks of the Hatfield power plant along the river were not there when we lived there.  The town suffered greatly from the loss of jobs from the depressed coal industry. As we drove down the roads we used to travel, we commented how much the trees and woodlands had grown. Our old home place was over grown with weeds and bushes, which made us very sad. We are finding a few things that are relics of the past, but mostly it is a completely different world. We were greeted with a beautiful rainbow as we visited our home church cemetery this evening. It was a good time for reminiscing.

Going back home again

Nothing matches my memory

Everything has changed

Summer rainbow greeted us

One sight that never changes

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IMG_2702 (2).JPG

Photos: Dwight L. Roth