Raindrops Keep Falling… or Do They?

DSC_0380 (2)

While shooting these photos I got caught in a rain shower that sent me under the barn overshot to keep dry. It is beautiful to see the raindrops against the backdrop of the old corn crib. As I watched water dribbling from the downspout, I thought how often we/(I) take rain and water for granted. In the Southwest, the water levels are continuing to drop in reservoirs like Lake Mead. More people use more water in a dry and thirsty land. Water and rain should never become an assumption.

Refreshing Fall rain

Grass stays green until the frost

Precious assumption


Photos: Dwight L. Roth



Today was a beautiful day for a walk around the park. As I was walking, I looked down and was captivated by the prints on the pavement. Leaf prints and, in the mix, a few dog prints as well. What an interesting canvas for art prints!

Leaves and Puppy Dogs

Stamp footprints on the pathway

Rain soon washes both

iPhone Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Tomato in my garden (2)

Springtime smiling green
Tomatoes heavy on the vine
Shining in the sun
Swollen flesh pumped full
Rainwater fills every space
Face tanned by the sun
Chameleon turns
Green to blushing red cheeks
Smiling in the sun
Seduction draws me
Sinking my teeth in your flesh
Juice drips off my chin

My tomato photo taken this morning: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Frank Tassone discussed the Imaginism style of writing poetry, where the subject is described with detailed imagery.  He asked us to write in Free Verse or a series of Haiku. I love writing Haiku so I chose that format.

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DSC_0241 (2)

The rain downpour brings with it gully-washers, soon filling banks and overflowing everything in its path. But, no one sits beside a gully-washer. Most prefer a beautiful slow flowing stream. This is the story of our lives. Happiness comes and goes, while joy is that continual flow that makes life worthwhile.
Happiness rises
Sudden burst of energy
Joy bubbles along

Today at d’Verse Sarah asked us to write a poem about the rain. Seems it rained every day last week. This week the sun is out and my garden is thankful!

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The Close of the Day


Rain pours down at the close of the day
Thunder rolls
The storm blows through
Earth is refreshed
Lilacs are blooming…
So close I can smell their fragrance
floating through my screen door.
I drink in Spring’s goodness
at the close of the day.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Quadrille Monday at d’Verse and De Jackson asked us to use the word close or a form of it in our poem of exactly 44 words.

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The Patience of a Seed

IMG_3308 (2)

The patience of a seed lies in waiting
Knowing that at the opportune time
It will germinate, push out a root, and grow.
Too much sun will dry it up;
Too much rain will drown it // make it rot;
And, soil too hard will not let it take root;
Only when the combination of soil, light, and moisture
Is perfect will it grow and produce leaves and fruit.
Our life is much the same // waiting
For the opportune time to grow and shine.
The difficulty is always in the waiting;
Avoiding the scorching light of flattery and praise
Don’t get carried away by the storms of life
Take root in the rich soil of people who love you
Be patient // like a seed… humble and strong;
You’ll know when your time has come.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth