Memories Remain


A good friend lost her daughter-in-law very unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. It is so sad to lose a loved one in the prime of their life. Feelings of raw emotion chase questions through our minds as we wonder.  “Why?” Some things have no rhyme nor reason in our understanding. The memories that remain are treasures to keep and share, as we go on with our life. Sharing her love with others is what keeps her memory alive. I thought this poem that I posted earlier speaks to these feelings.

Love is…

They’re gone but love’s not lost

Pain entangles in every bone

Love remains not in the devastating loss

But in you

Love comes from deep within

Definitely not a superficial thing

Rooted deep in your heart and soul

Loss brings manic feelings rushing into scary dips

Love is rooted deeper than whispers from the lips

Yours alone to give or keep

A treasure of the heart does not come cheap

Though one you loved is gone

Your gift of love remains

To share at will should you choose again

To give away or keep


Photo Dwight L. Roth