Unlike the horse in the photo, we choose the blinders that we wear. Setting our course straight ahead it is easy to ignore the things around us. We choose our neighborhood, our schools for our children, our religion, and our politics that suits our thinking. We believe we are right and others who are different from us are wrong.  We avoid the things that make us uncomfortable or challenge our thinking. As I wrote in an earlier poem, we often seek comfort over truth.


Amish buggy clopping down the road

Horse looking straight ahead pulling her load

Not seeing side to side distractions might scare

Blinders on each eye make her unaware

On down the road and into the barn

Knows her place she always goes home

Just like us clopping down the road

Choosing our blinders pulling our load

Refusing to see what’s all around us

Distractions might scare us the news might blind us

Tell us we might be wrong in our thinking

With all our choices could drive us to drinking

As long as we can see straight ahead

We stay on course knowing we’re lead

Down the road of our personal choosing

We forge ahead even though we’re loosing

Unlike the horse who must wear her blinders

We choose to ignore all of our reminders


Photo of Pennsylvania Amish Horse and Buggy – Dwight L. Roth