The Joy of Discovery

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The Joy of Discovery

My greatest joy comes from discovery. This may seem odd, since I am a person who resists change. When I thought about our challenge to write a Haibun about my plans for my writing, I thought what in the world is a Haibun? I am a fish out of water in the dVerse~ Poetry Pub for sure. Most of you are far more accomplished in writing that I am.

This brings me to the need for change. I have been blogging for about a year and a half, and attempt to post poetry or photos every day. It has gone well for me and I have accumulated a great number of followers. But, my poetry is all much the same. So I am looking forward to discovering, not only the meaning of a Haibun, but also the meaning of all the other “foreign terms” I see on your site. Perhaps they will stretch my mind and challenge my style of writing.

 One Christmas present

A trainer for this old dog

To teach some new tricks


This post was witten for Haibun Monday, to take on the challenge given by Toni to write a Haibun about our future plans for our writing. I hope this meets the criteria.

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Why Poets Write…


This amazing spider created a web outside my bedroom window. I noticed it today as I was heading around the house to my garden. It stopped me in my tracks and sent me back inside to get my camera. This is what we hope to do as we write poetry. We hope that a line or a thought will make someone stop in their tracks as they read. Only a few people read our poetry, but the hope is that those who do will be inspired and challenged by our words. The spider does not catch all the bugs, but he does catch a few. The few are enough to draw his nourishment and give him strength. This is what poetry does for us as well.

Why Poets Write…

Writing poetry is often like painting….

Not valuable until a century later

Still we write…hoping to connect

With that tweak of imagination

That will light a spark in someone else

We write for the same reason spiders spin


Weaving intricate webs of beauty

Hoping to entangle the imagination

Of one poor soul who might wander in

Creating that one line that will snag them


Stop them in their tracks

Inject them with stunning venom…

That one line that can change a life



Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Living on the Edge


This week I now have over 800 followers on Word Press. It is a wonderful connection to the world. To write on a regular basis is to live on the edge of inspiration. To continually find subjects to write about I find I must be in tune to everything around me. Most poems begin with simply a line or an idea and are developed from there. Sometimes I go to my  photo file and find one that becomes my inspiration for a poem. My writing flows from my everyday life. Anything can be a source of inspiration if one is aware of what is going on around him/her. Reading your blogs is often a source or inspiration as well. I try to follow those who are following me. Your comments and likes are greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Edge of Inspiration
Living on the edge of inspiration
Brings everything into focus
Allows one to see and hear
What might have been missed
Living on the edge leaves
More to be experienced
Light and dark it all stands out
Shadows bring perspective
Mind sharpness makes everything clear
Watchfulness brings new joys
Seeing what would have been missed
Small things around us
We mostly ignore and walk on by
Beauty inspires thankfulness
For richness we see and treasure
Not in money or things collected
Simply experiential joy for what is
Recognition of nature’s wonders
Surrounding us each day
Letting go of the trivial
Noting the obvious
But through understanding eyes
Leaving one speechless
Writing rich poetry                                                                                                                         For others to devour


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Soul Pieces


Earlier this week, a friend of mine thanked me for sharing a piece of my soul with others. When I reflected on this comment I realized this is what poetry is all about.  I appreciate all of you who read my posts and give your likes and comments. A poet really does bare his soul in his writing, Your affirmation and support is what encourages me to attempt to write each day. So,today, I once again offer you a tiny piece of my soul.

Soul Pieces


Sharing pieces of one’s soul

Sparks of inspiration

Captured like butterflies in a net

Released to fly away

To be enjoyed by others


Soul pieces

Emotions deeply felt

Vulnerable laid bare

Buffet table of the taker

Hoping a bit of felt emotion

Completes the circuit

Lighting up the mind

Of the receiver


Character pieces

Grounded in values long held

Shared hoping to initiate

Changes in the social fabric

Cultural attitudes

Bits of faith


Holding life together


Pieces of Soul’s humor

Expressing joy and laughter

Calling out the obvious

Turning it into lightness

Bringing smiles

Unforgettable images

Delightful morsels


Soul pieces

Photons of words

Revealing only a glimpe

Of who I am

Only seen

Only understood

When gathered together

Viewed as a whole

Perhaps when God created us

It wasn’t out of dust

Rather out of soul pieces


Photo: Dwight L. Roth




When I was a child I loved the decorations on the Christmas Tree. This was back when we decorated with silver icicles, garlands, and lights as big as my thumb. I always admired my neighbors tree. They decorated the tree with balls and lights and then covered the bottom with angel hair. Poetry is special like that full of light and bigger than life.


Poetry garlands

Words strung together

Decorating the tree of my mind

Joy and pain entwined memories

Reminding me of events passed

Sparkly words tingling and jingling

Filling my brain with glitter and shine

Words of comfort sadness and inspiration

Winding gently over the bows

Limb to limb garlands of present and past

Entwined through the light of my life

Reflecting shimmering memories

That I will always want to keep


Contributed Photo: Audrey Hartzler Eby