The Phoenix Rises

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Another senseless shooting here at UNC Charlotte this week left families devastated. The student who tackled the gunman gave his life to save his classmates. The whole community is in mourning over the incident. Many turned out along the highway today as the young man was brought back to his hometown of Waynesville.

Rising from the ashes
the phoenix returns.
Bringing hope and strength
to all who hear
the tale of rejuvenation.
In this time of violence
destruction and mayhem,
personal devastation and loss
may seem to much to bear.
But, like the phoenix
life will return
And from the ashes
good will come.


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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Dead Stop


This is the second time a dove has crashed into my window. The tinted windows act like a mirror. This one was totally blindsided and hit the window going at full speed. It shocked me to hear the thud. I looked up, surprised to see it flying off, instead of falling to the ground with a broken neck. It left a full body oil print on my window. Doves have amazing resilience. It reminded me of the way our country is going. When we hit dead stop, will we too have the resilience to bounce back once more? Only time will tell.

Dead Stop

Cruising full speed ahead

Pathway clear // only background trees

Mirage of glass // a clear deception

Unexpected collision // DEAD STOP!!



Lightning pain surge

Recalculating reality in split seconds

Turning // flying off to a nearby limb

Stunned  // dazed // confused

The path of deception was clear

Only a dead stop brings a wakeup call

Leaving imprints // taking bruises

Concussion collision survived

Learning through “hard knocks”

The dove phoenix rises once more


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Rising from the Ashes


Rise from the ashes of your personal destruction gathering strength and renewal!  There is something about the phoenix rising that attracts me every time I see it. It is a striking image of hope amid despair… strength from tragedy…and the power of renewal as we press on with life. when the world around us would love to see us crash and burn!

This is a painting I completed today showing my interpretation of the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes! I hoped to create a striking image that would force one to look at it and think about its message!  This is larger than most of the painting I do measuring three feet wide and five feet tall. I really love the way it all came together!






As you can see the canvas was too tall for my easel, so I sat it on my car ramps and propped it against the easel instead.


Photos: Dwight L. Roth & Ruth Roth