News Politics and Truth

Three blind men and and elephant

Perhaps the truth you choose to believe
Depends on which side of the Elephant you stand
Some at the head and get whipped around by the trunk
Those who are left stand at the rear constantly shoveling
Those on the side see a vast nearsighted nothingness
But // beware of the feet //for they will stomp you flat
In the everchanging tide of strong divisive opinion
It is sometimes hard to tell left from right
Truth seems to be whatever we make it to be
This is nothing new // we’re always in a stew
A few short years ago it all depended on
Which side of the Donkey you stood on on
With very similar results
Only shoveled from those who were right.
We’re reminded daily of fake news being spread
So // how does one know truth from fiction // gossip from facts
The answer is in no way clear
For me it all seems to be a lot of ES…DS…and BS … and now TS
I don’t think social media is a friend of our society
Its aim is to distort, divide, keep us in fractured turmoil
For me // give me a ten-page newspaper with comics in the back
A Look or Life magazine with mostly photos and a few facts
Filter out the most important things and let the rest go
Let those in charge do their job // if not the next vote will show
There’s a world of mess out there that I don’t need to know


Three Blind Men and an Elephant:


I guess you can tell from this one my age is telling on me.


Rain Songs

carpenters-rainy-days-and-mondays- Pin-it

Rain Songs

Karen Carpenter’s velvet voice sang

“Rainy Days and Monday’s Always Get Me down”

Sadly the rainy days finally caught up with her

We all grieved when she took her life


Brook Benton and Ray Charles both expressed her sadness

“A Rainy Night in Georgia, such a rainy night in Georgia

Lord, I believe it’s rainin’ all over the world

I feel like it’s rainin’ all over the world.”


Confusion and misery showcased by Vietnam War

Led Creedence Clearwater Revival asks the question

“Who’ll Stop the Rain?”

That war finally ended… but we still hadn’t learned

Many more followed //the confusion continues…


B. J. Thomas brought uplift to rain with

“Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”

I’ll do a little talking to the sun and…

Wait for happiness to stand up an greet me

“Because I’m free… Nothings worrying me”

Showing us all that our perspective on the rain

Determines how it affects us


Info for this poem taken from:





Above you see a para-snowboarder with a prosthetic leg compete in the World Cup doing the same jumps as those who have two good legs.  Every day I read wonderful poetry and see photography from many of you, who share that you are overcoming your disabilities through writing or photography. Stereotypes and stigmas are fading as we learn to see the abilities in people rather than disabilities.  It is a beautiful thing to see what is being accomplished. Today on Public Television, I watched a tribute to Mr. Rogers who shared with children that people who have disabilities also have great ability. This poem was inspired as I watched that show.


You are not defined by your disability

But by your ability to overcome

Not by what other people see,

But //by what they forget

When they are with you.

When we move from words

Like retarded and crazy

To challenged, unique, and special

We then replace

Old stigmas and stereotypes

Stop dissing your ability

Find abilities that make you special

Do not let others define you

Choose your goals

Set out to achieve them

Use your abilities and drop the dis-

Only you can overcome dis-abilities





The Declaration of Independence includes the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In a world where many look out for #1, I would propose that the happiness we so often pursue comes not from what we get, but from what we give. I have found that some of the greatest joys in my life have come from helping others. In extending God’s grace to others we receive it back many times over in the rewards we experience. The loneliest people in the world only look out only for themselves.


Life is not just about you

It is about sharing and understanding

Others have helped you arrive

At your place of success or joy

Happiness lives just beyond us

In the joy and success of others

Our families our children our friends

Those we help those we serve

Beyond the welded view of digital media

A community of support interacting

Encouraging building one another up

An open hand a willing heart

Sharing grace and love to the helpless

Recognizing our neighbor in need

Loving our children and families

Holding others dear and indispensable

It is about all of us working together

To make our world a better place

Life is not just about you


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

The Eye of My Needle


When confronted with the caustic attitudes of the current political campaign, it is easy to get caught up in negativity. How we respond is our choice. When a friend has been injured by the words or actions of others, it is easy to jump onboard and promote the negativity. I am proposing there is an alternative, sewing the wounds with love and compassion that can bring healing and help.  Negativity becomes a cancer of the soul. Don’t let it consume yours.

The Eye of My Needle

I’m a needle with an eye on the end

Waiting for a thread to pass through

Will the thread I use help to mend

Or as I sew will it leave you blue


Threads of darkness or threads of light

Joining together sewing things tight

Drawn through the eye with utmost care

Choose the thread that can mend the tear


To friends you know who are on the mend

Will your thread be light or a painful end

Perhaps it will be a thread of grace

From a true friend of the human race


Threads of healing or bitterness and strife

Will you be sewing their wound with life

Or, with caustic soda and the twisting knife


They say the eye is the window of the soul

Fill yours with Light that makes one whole

Perspective and Truth


As I watch news of the protests in Charlotte, NC, I find it interesting that everyone thinks they have the truth. The police have their version, the family of the man who was shot, has its truth. The News Media has its sensational truth. The rioters who were trying to destroy property seem not to care at all about truth. So, who is right? Truth in our minds is created from our personal perspective. As we sit at home watching everything play out, we form a truth that works for us. Who really knows the truth?

“What is Truth?”

A question we all ask

Only few can answer

Truth created from ones perspective

May be right or may be wrong

Truth for most seems to be what we believe

Created from the facts seen or heard

Blind truth a rush to judgement

Often turns out to be false

Truth based on bias, bigotry, hate, or revenge

Is often proven wrong

Yet we still hang on to our truth

It seems to absolve our guilt

Makes our judgments righteous

Justifies our atrocities be they verbal or physical

For if given all the facts

We might not be able to “handle the truth!”

Would it change our perspective?


Painting by Dwight L. Roth

Telephoto Zoom


Our view of life and the people around us determines the future. Our children and grandchildren will learn from us. If we are racist or bigots they will pick it up. If we are caring and compassionate they will learn that as well. Most of us see life through a very narrow lens. I have heard people say, if you ever visit a third world country, you will never be the same again. A broader view of the world brings change. Perhaps this is why we find life so challenging in our ever changing global society. Many people, including myself, find change difficult to accept.

I focus my life through a telephoto lens

Edging back and forth depending on my mood

Standing back to get a wider view

Still only seeing what’s in my lens

There’s a whole world out there

Behind beside above and below

Yet I only see life through my skewed view

Drawing in what I really want to see

Ignoring those I don’t care about

Pulling back to include a few friends

Focusing in to ignore the rest

No wonder it is so heard to hear the cries of the poor

The pain of the displaced or the drowning refugee

Life’s so much easier with my telephoto-zoom

Armchair quarterback with a clear but limited focus

Zooming in while the whole world cries out around me

Stay focused it seems so clear to me

Some say I need to change my lens

Widen my focus for a broader panorama

No, much easier to be self-absorbed with a telephoto view

Changing lenses would be much too inconvenient

The older I get the more I am sure of my view

Stay focused

Wear the blinders

Indifference my greatest sin

Life goes on





Perspective is everything in life. I have always been one to pick up objects that people put out on the street and take them home to fix.  I see treasures where others see junk. Today I finished a project given to me by a friend. This guitar was dropped and broken and about to be thrown in the dumpster when they remembered me. The fixer of broken things. I think of this in relation to life and my relationship with God. I am glad God does not trash us when we are broken. Read the poem to see how it turned out.



What do you see when something is broken

An object to discard

Or an object restored


Half-full or half-empty

Perspective is everything

Affects all of life

We all become broken

At some time in our life

Thinking we are beyond repair

But God sees us otherwise

And restores us with his grace


His perspective

His Love

Are always there

We always have our place


Photos and guitar repairs and painting: Dwight L. Roth


Note: (I published this when I first started my blog last summer. Only a few of my followers got to see it so I am reblogging it again. Hope you like it!)

Photos and guitar repair work: Dwight L.Roth