I thought today as I went my way

What makes one flower orange

Another red, yellow, or blue

Especially when they all come from the same red clay

Every snowflake petal perfectly set

Alternating patterns surround the perfect center


A crown of beauty natures glory

Only to dry up and fade away

Leaving seeds for seasons unknown


Photos: Dwight L. Roth





















Especially when they all come from the same cla

Beauty on Beauty


Beauty on Beauty

There you were in the middle of my shot

Resting on a petal sunning yourself

Surfing on all that beauty

Drowning in light

Reflecting every minute detail

Flawless yet simple


An engineering work of infinitesimal design

A gift from the creator of all wonders

The image of excellence

Beauty on beauty



Uniqueness is Perfection

Uniqueness is Perfection

It is not perfection that makes us special

It‘s uniqueness and character

It is not smooth faces that tells the story

The gray and the wrinkles are our glory

It’s the wrinkles of time that show who we are


Years of strain and years of pain

Bring out the character in everyone

Allows us to remember all the fun


Botox and silicone can stretch us tight

Filling up wrinkles and sags

It stretches us tight and we look a fright

When the make-up comes off each night


After years of work, play, and fun

The thing that makes us special

Is not perfection or a smooth complexion

Our uniqueness makes us the exception.


So why worry over what time has wrought

Thinking we can make it better

We create a mask with our aim for perfection

Hiding our uniqueness and losing our perception

That aging person in this vessel of clay

Is a reflection of His work

The unique image God created

In His eyes

We’re unique and highly rated