Shooting Star
Have you ever hitched yourself
To a shooting star
Only to find that person was really
A comet flying through space
A cold solid chunk of ice and rock
With no life of its own
Living off the shinning reflection
Of other stars around them
Find yourself a star
Burning brightly
Full of passion and fire
Warm caring light for all
Better yet
Be that shining star


Picture: Pinterest,com


Like Trees


The mountains are alive with color and people flock to see the beautiful fall foliage. I find it interesting that leaves are most beautiful as they are about to die and fall to the ground. My mind started running and I came up with this idea. I realize the analogy doesn’t follow through in every aspect, but bear with me and see what you think. If people were like trees perhaps older folks would be more revered in our society. Perhaps the young ones would choose to spend more listening moments with them, gaining wisdom and knowledge that will soon be gone.

Like Trees

If people were like trees

They would love us

In each season of our life


Finding comfort and shade

In our towering strength

Admiring our refined appearance

Planted on the landscape of time


And, in the fall of life

Make special effort

To come before winter

And see all the magnificent beauty

Of our changing folage


The myriad array of colors

That makes us special

Before they’re is gone

With the cold winds of change


And our balding limbs

Put in brick boxes with windows

Injected with composting material

Observed from time to time

As we await our fate

Ants in the Universe


Ants in the Universe

Pesky little creatures

Smaller than a pencil point

Swarming up to protect their kingdom

Sacrificing themselves under my foot

Crawling up on my shoe


Looking for a piece of flesh

Leaving their imprint in my skin

Tiny dots of poison destroying flesh


Lasting six months or more

Itchy reminders of that harsh encounter

Reminds me of humans

Attempting to save themselves

In a universe beyond their comprehension

Leaving scars on the foot of God

Trying keep us in control

Sacrificing ourselves at all cost

In a universe we know nothing about