Ride the Wind

PBS presented a documentary on winter in the Alps which I watched this past week. The scenery was spectacular and the story of how the animals survive the extreme cold was amazing. But most spectacular of all was the soaring Golden Eagle, riding high on the wind currents and making its nest on the craggy cliffs. Their magnificent coloration is a site to behold. Their strength and powerful vision makes it possible to survive where others would perish.

Eagle rides the wind

high above the ragged cliffs

Hares play in the snow

Today is Haibun Monday at d’Verse, and Frank asked us to write a haibun with reference to the Eagle!

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Back in the Radio Era


It is hard to imagine a time when we did not have all of the electronic gadgets we have today. When I was young we did not have a TV, so the radio was our only source of broadcast information. We used our imagination to connect the dots when we listened to Lowell Thomas and the news. His broadcasts from all over the world were fascinating to hear. The Lone Ranger and “Hi-O-Silver” came through the speakers and tickled my imagination. Music and religious programming also came across the airwaves.

Today we have information overload. So much so, that many things are only view for a few seconds at most. Music comes through earbuds and blocks out any chance of social interaction.  As I watched the Ken Burns special, The History of Country Music, on PBS, it once again took me back to the Radio era, when music came live across the airwaves and was played on vinyl records. I must be really old!!

Radio Music

Coming through ten inch speakers

Forty-thousand Watts

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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