Just like life!

What are the other colors without me

along side to give them definition.

Red flows like blood

Green like a blanket

Yellow has no end without black

I am what brings life into focus;

Just as Covid-19 rearranged your minds

I create a paradigm shift

For better or for worse…

Only time will tell what I will define!

Painting of Old Ship’s Bones at Nags Head, NC – Dwight L. Roth

As I was reading through the poems from color perspective for our d’Verse prompt, I came to Paul V. Cannon’s post on Black. It occurred to me that without black all the other colors run together. So this poem developed out of that idea.

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I Wanted To Shout – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon | parallax (pvcann.com)

Cutting Art

IMG_6340 (2)

Recycled old saw

Dull teeth will never  be sharp

A paradigm shift

Steel blade now a work of art

Blending rust with the ocean


IMG_6342 (2).JPG

I finished painting these scenes today on an old saw from Habitat Restore.  Both scenes are on one saw; one scene on each side. This is a fun way to repurpose old saws that would otherwise be discarded.



The transition from living on your own to living in an Alzheimer’s  care facility is a real paradigm shift. My father in law struggled greatly with the confusion of loss and change. When his wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to be placed in a care facility, it took longer for him to be placed. We took turns staying with him during that time. Not having his wife there with him and his onset of confusion created a lot of anxious moments for him. This is one example that occurred while I was sleeping in the living room.


“Oh, it’s you,” he said with a puzzled look

“I did not know you were here!”

This was the third time that night

“I just came out to make sure the door was locked.”

“When did you get here? ”

“We’ve been here for a week!”


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Paradigm Shift


Co-dependence can be very destructive to relationships. In marriage, when one partner expects their partner to fit into their plans and their schedule, it isn’t long before tension and conflicts develop. For the co-dependent partner it is a major paradigm shift to learn to live with, but somewhat independent of the other person. Today at d’Verse, Amaya is asking us to write a Pentimento poem, which derives from the Italian meaning  for repentance. It is to show how one can change their way of thinking in a way that makes life more positive for all. This is my story.

Paradigm Shift

Committed for life// together we stood

Taking our vows that day

Smiles on our face // stars in our eyes

When opposites commit,  fire sometimes flies.

One holds on the other wants space

A head on collision in the race

Trains not always riding on the same tracks


Co-dependence can be overwhelming

I thought togetherness meant doing everything together

I learned independence is sometimes better

Struggling // I pushed off on my own

Not always expecting reciprocation.

Creativity emerged I had not expected


Life is much better now that I’ve reflected

Togetherness may mean riding parallel tracks

Commitment may mean traveling in the same direction…

Leaving co-dependence behind…

Maintaining each ones identity and self-worth


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Black or White

Back Alley in Philadelphia 001

When someone thinks they have all the answers, it makes me take a step backwards. Many atrocities have been done in the name of being right. The more rigid we become in our thinking, the more we want things to be either black or white.  It seems politics is often driven by fear. As we listen to our political candidates, we get the impression that they have everything figured out, and all of their solutions are in black and white. No matter how right we feel we are, I believe we must be open to interact and exchange ideas with others. This poem talks about the importance of grays in our life.

Black or White

I want life to be black or white

Everything easy and I am right

But it really doesn’t work that way

Life is full of contradictions they say


Why can’t life be black or white

Perhaps I wouldn’t be so uptight

But grays are part of every life

I’ve known pain that cuts like a knife


The world wants things in black or white

Good or bad we have to fight

To protect our perfect way of life

Seems it causes bitter strife


To always think in black or white

Fills me with fear and causes me fright

Extremes affect the way we think

And leaves our nations on the brink


Why can’t we realizes we need the grays

Shadows bring accents in many ways

Creativity and paradigm shifts

Would not be possible without the mix


Must we think only in black or white

Judging our brothers when “they don’t do right”

Or can we simply love their flaws

The grays and shades are part of us all


Black and white makes everyone halt

Shutter and cringe at every fault

Blends are the creations we all need

To love our brothers, and not to bleed

But I guess as long as there are two

Black or white will judge them too


Love the differences don’t get up tight

Live in peace and let’s not fight

Recognize that if we want to survive

Black and white will not keep us alive

Thinking we are always right

Life will surely be a fright


Black and White Photo taken in Philadelphia – 1976 – Dwight Roth