Unwelcome Changes

NCAA canceled

 “Life happens when we have other plans.”   ~Towes

This seems to be the case with the spread of the coronavirus across the globe. Life is in a state of unwelcome change for many. We like our life of schedules, work, and recreation. But when we get to the point of closures, cancellations, and quarantine, we begin to feel the pinch so to speak. Today at d’Verse, Bjorn asked to use lists as our basis for a poem. This subject seemed to be well suited for the prompt.

First it is China
Then Japan along with
Italy and Korea.
It’s affected
all of Europe
Now it’s knocking
on our door.
Some in panic
many in denial
others will just
stay home for awhile.

Games are canceled;
along with movies and plays.
Schools and colleges closed
NBA and NCAA too.

A lesson for all of us…
Life // unlike climate change
can be drastically altered
in a very short time.

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Whether panic is needed seems to depend on those who seed it …

~Na’ama Yehuda

coronavirus photo

Who you gonna call
When there’s no number given?
All in a panic, listening to the news;
We, who are used to a very quick fix;
A pill to cure all our ills.
Fear causes quite a stir
When there’s no one to call.

This evening at d’Verse, De Jackson asked us to write a Quidrille of exactly 44 words using the word stir.  With the Coronavirus causing a major world wide stir, I thought I would write about our reaction to it.

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Bad Dreams

Driving into the darkness

The fog closes in around me

I see nothing but pitch black

But I’m still moving

I look for a way to stop

Nothing seems to work

And I am still moving forward

Driving up the hill

The slope gets steeper and steeper

Two-Thirds of the way to the top

Cannot go any further

I stop stranded in mid-climb

Can’t turn around

Can’t back up

It is time for school to start

I am not in my classroom

All the students are there

I keep trying to find my way there

I never get there

I know I ‘m late in a panic

Can’t seem to find my way

What am I going to do

I wake up!!!

Head way back over my pillow

I’ve got to go to the bathroom

Nightmares go away

My heart is still beating wildly

Adrenalin still pumping