Balancing Act

We have been quarantined in our homes for a month and a half due to the pandemic, that started in China and spread all over the globe. The deadly Covid-19 virus has taken many lives and many have caught it and survived. It is a hard decision for leaders to require people to stay home, close schools, shut down stores and wear masks. Now is the time to decide how much longer this can go on. It is just as hard for people who are out of work, out of money, and in desperate straits. This is my opinion poem on the present situation.
There comes a time when choices must be made;
The age old choice of too many people in the boat
Who stays and who has to go for the greater good
Not a choice anyone wants to make for sure;
But, in time of pandemic no country wants to
roll over and play dead while everything goes
down the drain.
Hard choices must be made that will ultimately
affect you and me // living and dying are a part life.
No one wants to be Jonah tossed into the deep…
We all want to be put off on dry land // to live on;
But not making good choices could be apocalyptic.
When the whole world is controlled by leaders
who supersede our freedom to choose;
Then we are in for one wild ride…
one I am not interested in taking.
I believe it is time to come back out of the shadows;
To take the risk knowing the consequences
and begin living and working together again.
Perhaps I will be the first to go as a result!
I am okay with that // if it is my time.

Dr. Seuss photo: Bing clip art

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Blue Sky in Waxhaw
Believe it or not the sky is blue…
blue all over the world.
From LA to Beijing, the fog has cleared;
doing what Climate Change Advocates
have been unable to do for years…
turning the sky a brilliant blue!
We all know it won’t last
when this awful pandemic has past;
But, for one small moment in time,
we can tell our grandchildren
we saw the sky in every shade of blue,
as we sat quietly quarantined // feeling blue.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Bridge over the tracks in Waxhaw, NC


powers of 10

The coronovirus outbreak may seem small in the US at the moment, but for an untreatable virus on the loose it is important to understand the exponential component of it all. I am not a math person by any means, but the chart above shows how ten persons who have the virus could spread it to a hundred, which would spread to a thousand, etc. By the time it is shared six times it is already up to a millon; Therefore, it is important to take it all seriously and realize it will multiply exponentially as we saw happen in China. Be safe and protect yourself. Take precautions, and this too will pass.

Exponential growth
All must take precautions now
Birds are still singing

Chart from Bing Images

Unwelcome Changes

NCAA canceled

 “Life happens when we have other plans.”   ~Towes

This seems to be the case with the spread of the coronavirus across the globe. Life is in a state of unwelcome change for many. We like our life of schedules, work, and recreation. But when we get to the point of closures, cancellations, and quarantine, we begin to feel the pinch so to speak. Today at d’Verse, Bjorn asked to use lists as our basis for a poem. This subject seemed to be well suited for the prompt.

First it is China
Then Japan along with
Italy and Korea.
It’s affected
all of Europe
Now it’s knocking
on our door.
Some in panic
many in denial
others will just
stay home for awhile.

Games are canceled;
along with movies and plays.
Schools and colleges closed
NBA and NCAA too.

A lesson for all of us…
Life // unlike climate change
can be drastically altered
in a very short time.

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