Giving Thanks for Family

IMG_1713 - Copy (2)

Painting together

Thankful for son and grandson

Making memories

Each Thanksgiving reminds us

of blessings past and present


IMG_1709 - Copy (2)

IMG_1708 - Copy (2)

IMG_1720 - Copy (2)

Frank Tassone’s Haikia prompt for today is Thanksgiving. As I was looking through my photo collection, I came across these pictures taken a few years ago. We decided to sit down together and all paint the same picture. Each one faintly resembles Looking Glass falls in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. I am so thankful for all my children and the wonderful things they will do in their lifetime.

Photos: Ruth Roth

Recycled frames from Habitat Restore

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My Kind of Girl

Wild Woman in Pearls (2).JPG

My wild woman in pearls // kaleidoscope of beauty
What are you thinking in that hollow mind
What did you say?
Oh, you are more than the sum of your colors.
Tell me what you want of me;
I gave you the pearls to make you stand out.
Your cranial donuts make me hungry…
And, what’s going on with your earring?
Oh, your ear is invisible!
Your blue eyes radiate emptiness.
Yes. I know // I created you!
Your enigmatic smile
Your rounded nose
That cute flip of the hair
Wild woman you are my kind of girl!

Painting “Wild Woman In Pearls” – Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse Linda asked us to consider surrealism and poetry. We are to write a surreal poem. This crazy painting I did a few years ago seemed to fit the bill. This is what my free wondering mind came up with for the prompt.

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Recycling Art

Horses Running in the surf - 2 (2)

Poetry in Motion

This is a painting I finished today. It is on a 4′ x 5′ recycled canvas that was given to me by a neighbor. It had a big beautiful Letterman cat on it. I took the canvas off the frame and turned it over. After three coats of acrylic latex primer I began working on these three horses running in the surf. I saw an I Love Horses video on Facebook showing horses running through the surf. I thought I might be able to paint them. It was an interesting challenge.  I think I will hang this one on my wall.  Following are the steps I used in creating this painting.

IMG_0630 (2).JPG


I did a small sketch first to see how it might look. Then I started working on the big sketch.



The white paint was so translucent that it would not build up very well. So I darkened the bodies and then went back with white again.

Horses runnign in the surf - 3 (2)

This is my end result! I never seem to be quite satisfied, but I think I will stop with this one.

Rocking Chair Education

Mr. Ed and Me

On my last job, managing a siding warehouse, I met Mr. Ed. He was a fine gentleman of a generation gone by. He was our driver and delivery person. We found a lot in common and in between trips sat in rocking chairs talking about a little bit of everything. He came down with pneumonia and died the last year I worked there. It was a great loss for all of us.

I learned a lot there

sitting in a rocking chair

listening to age

speaking wisdom and knowledge

into my mind and my soul


Thank you Mr. Ed

Painting of me and Mr. Ed: Dwight L. Roth


Sturgeon Moon

IMG_E8421 (2)

The Full Moon in August is referred to by the Native Americans as the Sturgeon Moon. It is thought that it was due to the large numbers of sturgeon that were available in the northern lakes and rivers at this time of year. Sturgeon are thought to be prehistoric remnants of the ice age. They are bottom feeders that live much longer than most fish. Their boney scale-less bodies and long pointy noses make them look quite different from most fish. Today, Frank Tassone asked us to write a Haikai poem that refers to the Sturgeon Moon. The painting above, of the moon over the mountains and the flowing river, is one I did a few months back. Yesterday, I went back and added more details and color to the original. It is a recycled painting from the Habitat Restore.

Sturgeon Moon rises

Like a boney reflection

Ancient survivor

IMG_E8419 (2)

This is my little corner of the garage where I do my painting!

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Cutting Art

IMG_6340 (2)

Recycled old saw

Dull teeth will never  be sharp

A paradigm shift

Steel blade now a work of art

Blending rust with the ocean


IMG_6342 (2).JPG

I finished painting these scenes today on an old saw from Habitat Restore.  Both scenes are on one saw; one scene on each side. This is a fun way to repurpose old saws that would otherwise be discarded.


Grandpa and Grandma Roth Family 2 001 (2)

I found this old photo of my grandmother and her children. It was really worn and had some damage, but it still showed the personalities and character of each one. My father was the youngest and is on the far left in the picture. Sadly the oldest son was killed in a car wreck at the age of 21. A couple of years ago I did a painting of my father’s homeplace at the edge of Allensville, Pennsylvania, which you can see below. A number of improvements were made since the first photo was taken almost a hundred years ago.

Grandma Roth raising
four young children on their farm
A strong-willed woman
Providing for her family
Hardworking husband cared for

EER_0606 (2)

Painting: Dwight L. Roth


Relics of the Past


Covered bridges, built to last, covered may streams and rivers in past generations. Now they are just relics of the past, preserved to be admired by future generations.  The construction of the bridges was amazing. Planks and timbers were cut with precision and fitted together creating both beauty and strength.

I painted this bridge a few years ago to illustrate these great landmarks of the past.

Enduring all kinds

of weather // lasting beauty

Wooden covered bridge