Monsters Under the Bed


When I go to bed at night
And my parents get ready to turn out the light
I shudder and shake like an earthquake
As fears arise and create all these fakes
Wild and awful creatures in flight
Come floating in the dark of night
Out from under my bed they snake
Rearing ugly heads to make mine ache
But, I learned the best way to make fears flee
“I usually solve problems by letting them devour me.”
When they see how sweet to the taste, I am
Their fright disappears and I fall asleep once again

Amaya at d’Verse, came up with the idea of turning Franz Kafka quotes into children’s’ stories. She gave us a few to choose from and I chose, “I usually solve problems by letting them devour me.” The ideas is to overcome fears by embracing them as part of the fun, thus taking away their power over our mind.

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The Phoenix Rises

IMG_3235 (2)

Another senseless shooting here at UNC Charlotte this week left families devastated. The student who tackled the gunman gave his life to save his classmates. The whole community is in mourning over the incident. Many turned out along the highway today as the young man was brought back to his hometown of Waynesville.

Rising from the ashes
the phoenix returns.
Bringing hope and strength
to all who hear
the tale of rejuvenation.
In this time of violence
destruction and mayhem,
personal devastation and loss
may seem to much to bear.
But, like the phoenix
life will return
And from the ashes
good will come.


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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Fresh Starts

EER_0188Each New Beginning
Each new beginning is like a hand in poker
In our new situation
We don’t want the joker!
Sometimes we are happy with the hand we receive
A hand full of Aces and Kings
or a winning full house
Filled with joy, happiness, and wealth.
But most times our new beginnings
are in need of some tweaking…
Some things need to be thrown out
While others we’ll be keeping.
New beginnings require shrewd wisdom
as much as luck.
Wise choices and good company
Keep us from getting stuck
While some new beginnings have been handed to us
Others take plenty of work and lots of effort.
Knowing when to hold
and when to fold is always a real plus.
So // accept the hand your dealt
Don’t keep looking for one better.
It’s not luck…
It’s your choices // that make you a winner
Few new beginnings //come up all Aces


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

A Spirit of Fear


If we give into fear our life becomes limited. Our world shrinks and we get put in a box with walls of fear. Intimidation and fear are becoming more pronounced in our society. Every time a terrorist commits another cowardly act of intimidation, we find ourselves becoming more and more unsettled. When women are harassed and intimidated by people in power. it makes them afraid to speak out for fear of reprisal. Resisting fear and speaking out gives our voice power and strength. This is why we write. Words can make a difference. Don’t be intimidated by fear. Stand and Speak the Truth!


Fear creates anxiety

Believing we are helpless

Unable to control our future

Fear drives us to climb on board

Riding the band wagon of destress

Cheering as we careen toward the cliff

Fear pre-empts good judgement

Listening to our insecurities

Instead of common sense

Fear is grasping for that last straw

Knowing it will not save us

But denying the inevitable

Fear is the method of control and intimidation

For politicians, religious leaders, and jihadi terrorists

Dictators, Presidents, Kings, and Priests

Why do we choose a spirit of fear

When we could have…

‘a Spirit of power, of love, and of a strong mind’ (NKJV)

Light a candle of hope… dispel the darkness of fear


Photo: Dwight L. Roth