My Kind of Girl

Wild Woman in Pearls (2).JPG

My wild woman in pearls // kaleidoscope of beauty
What are you thinking in that hollow mind
What did you say?
Oh, you are more than the sum of your colors.
Tell me what you want of me;
I gave you the pearls to make you stand out.
Your cranial donuts make me hungry…
And, what’s going on with your earring?
Oh, your ear is invisible!
Your blue eyes radiate emptiness.
Yes. I know // I created you!
Your enigmatic smile
Your rounded nose
That cute flip of the hair
Wild woman you are my kind of girl!

Painting “Wild Woman In Pearls” – Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse Linda asked us to consider surrealism and poetry. We are to write a surreal poem. This crazy painting I did a few years ago seemed to fit the bill. This is what my free wondering mind came up with for the prompt.

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Too Close For Comfort

See the source image

April Fools Day is no joke for Joe Biden, as he looks at running for President in 2020. What might have been an expression by him of support for a fellow politician, turned into an accusation of invading personal space. Now, five years later, the subject comes up; possibly to keep the “old man” out of the race! Amazing how fast age puts one out of touch in the eyes of the younger generation.

Lion of winter
Born free // now caged with loud words
Paranas’ hungry

Our d’Verse Monday Haibun prompt for today centers around the date April 1st.  April Fools Day is a time when pranks are pulled and a fun time is had by most!  I decided to write about the political news of the day.   Feel free to disagree with my post, but this is how it looks to me!

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