Finding Common Ground

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The death of Congressman John Lewis, bring a reflection of the intense turmoil  he lived through during the Civil Rights era. The struggle for respect and equality still goes on sixty years later.  As I look at the division that still remains, I realize it will not be resolved  without God’s love changing our hearts allowing us to live together in peace.

Some views are shotguns blasting away

Others sling shots pelting against the gate.

Let’s have a conversation they say…

Come together // find common ground

Solve our differences together.


How does that happen with shotgun politics

and sling shot twitter, that couldn’t hit a brick wall.

When our view is the only right view,

Each conversation become one of persuasion or condemnation…

A ticket to ride our train non stop to our destination.


Legislated change without heart change, brings little hope.

History keeps repeating with every rotation.

Change comes with give and take // listening and hearing

Appreciating uniqueness // instead of condemning it.


Only a revolution of the heart will bring peace from division.

Perhaps, “love your neighbor as yourself”

are words that could make our world a better place…

Opening the door to finding common ground…

Bringing the “Hope and Change” we really need.

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Here is a favorite song from the Folk era by the Youngbloods called Let’s Get Together

Perhaps what is missing in this generation is the truth in Folk Music… Music that brought people together!

The World in Black or White

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I want life to be black or white
Everything easy and I am right
But it really doesn’t work that way
Life is full of contradictions they say
Why can’t life be black or white
Perhaps I wouldn’t be so uptight
But grays are part of every life
I’ve known pain that cuts like a knife
The world wants things in black or white
Good or bad we have to fight
To protect our perfect way of life
Seems it causes bitter strife
To always think in black or white
Fills me with fear and causes me fright
Extremes affect the way we think
And leaves our nations on the brink
Why can’t we realizes we need the grays
Shadows bring accents in many ways
Creativity and paradigm shifts
Would not be possible without the mix
Must we think only in black or white
Judging our brothers when “they don’t do right”
Or can we simply love their flaws
The grays and shades are part of us all
Black or white makes everyone halt
Shutter and cringe at every fault
Blends are the creations we all need
To love our brothers, and not to bleed
But I guess as long as there are two
Black or white will judge them too
Love the differences don’t get up tight
Live in peace and let’s not fight
Recognize that if we want to survive
Black and white will not keep us alive
Thinking we are always right
Life will surely be a fright


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Cry for the Children

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Cry for the Children

My hear grieves //my spirit is torn

Echoing screams fill the halls

Mixing with insane shots fired

Everyone has opinionated afterthought

Newsless news keeps chewing and spewing…

Regurgitating video of the fear and carnage.

Easy solutions come from the left

Blind denial from the right

Mental health still not funded

FBI failed to follow up on a tip

Anger and rage treated with expulsion

Once again // parents must bury their children

“When will we (they) ever learn…When will we(they) ever learn?”


Last line from Pete Seeger song, Where have all the Flowers gone?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Like a Bull in a China Closet

Wall street bull

Bull in the China Closet

Like a bull in a china closet

We go through our life

Rushing head on into the next event

Never stopping to look back

Or forward to consider the end

Impatient at stop lights and food lines

Driving on bumpers cutting people off

Muttering under our breath

Speaking our opinions

Never thinking about the collateral damage

Nose stuck in our phones

Like the woodpecker in the toothpicks

Over and over again

Gleaning little of substance between our head-bobbing

Like a space craft heading into the abyss

We hurl forward into the black hole

Filled with invisible dark matter

Of radio waves and wireless technology

Artificial intelligence embedding itself

Replacing what few brain cells we have left

Denying the inevitable crash


Photo of the Wall Street Bull: Wikipedia