Stuffed (A Haibun)


Do you feel stuffed now that Christmas is over. All of the wonderful food you consumed may have contributed to making you feel like it is time to cut back and eat less. Seems like losing weight is often chosen as a one of the top New Years Resolutions. I wonder if the Chipmunk that lives under my deck thinks about such things. He loves to come an pig out in my bird feeder. Sometime I wonder how he gets through the wire cage with those bulging cheeks. He is getting ready for the cold weather that is coming in tonight and the next few days. He looks so cute with his fat cheeks.  He does not seem to be like the rest of us who will need to loose a few pounds. He looks fabulous in his sleek winter coat!

Dark eyes and fat cheeks

Stuffing in all he can get

Cold weather is coming


Here are a few more cute shots of my Chipmunk:








Photos: Dwight L. Roth

*A Hai bun is a Japanese form of poetry that uses both prose and a haiku.

Forget Resolutions


You may have heard the statement, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions! That is the way I feel about setting New Year’s Resolutions. I have also heard that people who go on yo yo dieting end up gaining back the pounds plus five or ten more! So, what is the solution to changing our ways. A few people make it on strong commitment to change. Some change when forced to for health reasons. But, few people I know ever change because of making New Year’s Resolutions.

Forget Resolutions

Forget resolutions

Making liars is their goal

Pining for less pounds

More exercise you’re told

Exercise machines

With bright reflectors

Only work for a month

Colossal dust collectors

Calling you a failure

Killing self-esteem

Pursue what really works for you

Moderation in all things

Watch what you eat

A good rule to follow

Only dip once

Be careful what you swallow

Be true to yourself

Find ways to serve

Look for the good

It’s what we all deserve

At work or a play

With those you meet

Wear a smile

It can’t be beat

Love yourself

Just as you are

You’ll be happy

Wherever you are


Photo: Dwight L. Roth