Geometric Strength

EER_0399 (4)

Triangles form curved

arches spanning New River

Solid steel rainbow

EER_0405 (3)

Cars hum on asphalt

Tractor trailors test its strength

Fractals of steel rust


Winding steps go down

Stairway to “Almost Heaven…”

“West Virginia”

Photos of New River Bridge: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lisa asked us to reflect on fractals and how they could be used in poetry. They are small replicas within reflecting a larger whole. The New River Bridge crosses the New River Gorge in West Virginia. I drove across it and then stopped and took some photos. It is most impressive to see. The way the steel is put together… small triangles creating and arch which creates large triangles on each side of the bridge… is amazing. I wrote in Haiku creating poetic fractals of the larger whole poem.  Hopefully my understanding of this is correct.

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Crossing the Gorge

EER_0403 (2)

In Fayetteville, West Virginia there is a bridge

 that spans the New River Gorge.

Over three thousand feet long

876 feet above the New River below

It provides a breathtaking view from any vantage point…

Drawing visitors from far and wide

to take the plunge into the rapids

of the New River Gorge!

EER_0405 (2).JPG

Triangles of steel woven and welded into an arch

          of over a thousand foot span

Strong enough to carry cars, trucks, and buses

on  the highway above


Daring souls pay their fare

and ride the old school bus

 down to the river

anticipating  their ride through the rapids

 feeling the adrenaline rush


Those who are fit can walk the steps

 all the way to the bottom

for a breathtaking shot

of the arch spanning high above

EER_0398 (2)

Riding on that New River Train (of rafts)

shooting rapids

has to be a thrill of a lifetime!


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

I stopped on my way through West Virginia two weeks ago to shoot these photos at the visitors center at the New River Gorge. You can also walk all the way across the bridge under the highway if you like. I did not take that trek.