Thank You!

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This week I passed 5000 followers on Word Press. Seems like an impossible dream for me. I thought it was really something when I reached a hundred followers. Then it was three, then five and now five thousand followers!
I am most grateful to all of you for your friendship, inspiration, and kind support. I learned to know so many people from all over the world who appreciate poetry and enjoy my photos and art work. You have been most generous with your likes and comments.

Here are a few thoughts on creating a successful blog:
* Write your blog because it makes you feel good.
* Be authentic in your writing… share your life and imaginations.
* Colorful photos are a great eye-catcher and compliment your work.
* Don’t try to imitate or copy someone else’s style of writing.
* Keep posts short and crisp. Say what you say and stop!
* Present a variety of subjects that are unique and interesting.
* Join a group of bloggers who enjoy what you do.
*Most importantly practice networking:
-Put likes, comments, and follows on other people’s blogs.
-Always respond when someone takes time to comment on
your work. Thank yous are important!
-Develop personal life interactions with some of your bloggers.
-Plan to spend a lot of time each day on your blog.
*As followers, increase you won’t be able to read everyone’s blog who follows you, but it is important to check in with them from time to time.
Have fun and see the world through others! Thank you for being a part of my life!

P.S. … and I am still using the Free Word Press Blog!


On Track


Finding purpose in life comes with getting on the right track for you. It is very important to decide what your goals and purpose are, and then find a track that takes you forward to that destiny. You many not like being confined to tracks, but they will take you where you want to go. It reminds me of the Children’s story Little Toot about a little engine that thought he could have a better life off the track only to find it did not work for him.  Make sure the engine you hook to has the power to take you to your goal. But by all means stay on track.

On TrackEER_0749
Stay on track
It will make all the difference
Guidance and direction
All there for you when you’re on track
Staying on track demands focus and discipline
Jumping the track is not a good option
Usually ends in disaster and lament
Floundering and lost like a fish out of water
Tracks give you purpose a destiny to move toward
Staying in the groove rolling forward
With a solid base of confidence
This track you are on
Will take you where you want to go
Hook up with others on your way
They too are moving with you
You can switch tracks
Moving in different directions
But by all means find a track to follow
A destiny to move toward
Just avoid getting on a side track
That goes nowhere
Find engine that will take you there
People who can support you
And a purpose worth moving toward
And if you don’t give up…

You will Succeed!


Photos: Dwight L. Roth