Shedding Our Bark

The Willow trees in our back yard were only saplings when we moved here nine years ago. They are extremely fast-growing trees which are now at least thirty feet tall. As I sat in their shade, I observed the wide splits in the bark. The old years growth sheds away as the tree expands. Eventually it falls away back into the soil. We are like trees. Those who grow the most continue to shed things they no longer need; negative attitudes, hurts, ideas, stereotypes, resentment, and bitterness, etc. Some are trapped in their own bark unwilling to let go and change for the better. How are you at shedding your bark?

Growth brings expansion
Stretching us //sometimes to our limit
Breaking us out of our comfort zone.
Growth causes cracks in our perception
Finding, perhaps there are other ways
Of thinking or feeling that may be different.
Growth brings change
Change is often painful
Forcing us to cast off old ways of thinking;
To have growth, we will have to change.
With change comes new strength;
New strength moves us beyond the present;
Fulfills our dreams for today…
Knowing tomorrow, we will again
Expand, stretch, and shed our bark.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Let Them Go


Some phases of our life
die by our choosing…
hoping not to be resurrected!
Letting go of the past is not easy
Hurts and pain fit so nicely
In our backpack of memories
They seem to ride along with us
Like old trusted friends
Always there to make us feel
Superior to all those in our life
Who have wronged us
But those times and people
From our past need to be let go
Those memories are not our friends
They only weigh us down
Some phases of our life
need to die
By our own choosing


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Somewhere Above the Pain

Somewhere above the pain there is life

A place where one can live and function

Where hopes and dreams can still be achieved

Living above the pain does not make it go away

It only allows one to be in control

Pain lies rooted in one’s being

A constant reminder

Rearing its ugly head

Vying for control

Only to be suppressed once more

By hope determination and faith

Unwilling to resign oneself to fate

Knowing that above the pain

Above the pills

There is light and hope

It is a choice one must make

Every day all day long


*A tribute to my wife Ruth, who makes this choice every day, all day long!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

(Reposted from 2016)



No Regrets


No Regrets

Regrets are only rocks in your pack

Weighing you down and stealing your joy

Telling you it’s ok to sulk and mope

Regrets are like pebbles in your shoe

Hindering your walk creating more pain

Infectious aggravation leaving you maimed

Regrets repeated push others away

Not wanting to hear the same old tale

Wishing you would get on with your life

Regrets… just crush those rocks into sand

Let them lay in the flow  of receding tide

Washing your problems out into the deep

Regrets remembered can be just fine

Acknowledged and left to the passing of time

But too heavy to carry to for a whole lifetime


Myrtle Beach, SC Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Some Choose to Bleed


I am sure you know people who will end up dumping their pain onto you every time you meet. They can’t seem to get over the past hurts and feel everyone should bear it with them over and over again. On some occasions Jesus asked the people who came to him, “Do you want to be whole?” Healing in some cases is dependent on the willingness to let go of the past and move on.  There will be scars, but there will no longer be the necessity of blood-letting every day with everyone you meet.

Some Choose to Bleed

Some like to bleed

To feel the pain over and over again

Never closing the wound

Allowing healing to take place

Bleeding all over everyone who will listen

Knowing every conversation leads to blood

Choosing to relive past wounds again and again


Bleeding daily is not therapy

It is staying stuck in quicksand

Sinking slowly being pulled under

Attempting to drag all who will listen

Down under the suffocating sand

Covered with cobwebs of despair

Eventually they will bleed to death

Or… they can live with their scars

And find healing


Photo: Dwight L. Roth