Turtle painting bomb 2 (4)


This painting caused me great frustration in getting the turtle to look right in the sand. As a result it remained unfinished. Finally, I simply redid the painting, keeping the moon and changing the scene from the beach to the mountains. I like the way it turned out.  A friend that I work with decided he wanted it, so now it has a good home.
Some things in life don’t
turn out the way you had planned
Time to change the scene
Rethink what is important
Recreate something you love


IMG_E8421 (3)

Paintings: Dwight l. Roth

*The turtle lies at the point where the stream turns!




An Unlikely Pair (Haiku)


Cedar and shale stuck

Braving elements attack

Only one will last


Torn from their birthplace

Together under the stars

Whole lotta shakin’ gon’ on


Aging together

A rocky relationship

Mismatched from the start


Knotty log waiting

For rising waters lifting

Leaving rocks behind


Photo: Dwight L. Roth