Listen to the Wind

Younger days // pounds lighter // full of energy

I climbed the mountain at Hone Quarry

all the way to the top

where winds speak harshly

and pines bend and twist

downwind in their wake

I paused to rest // sitting still

eavesdropping on nature

whispering secrets

Today is Quadrille Monday, when we write a poem of exactly 44 words. Kim asked us to use the word eavesdrop in any form we like as our prompt. I decided to take my eavesdropping to the top of the mountain in the George Washington National Forest, in Virginia. I was amazed at how twisted the short scrub pines were up there. The wind up there never seems to stop blowing across the top. This is a train of consciousness poem.

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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Weathered Image


Grandfather Mountain

Can you see the face // weathered and worn

Like a long lost Egyptian Pharaoh // unrapped

after two thousand years in the heart of a pyramid?

Rugged and strong // the image of dominating power

Lies with face to the sun // the rain // the snow and ice.

Exfoliation giving character and increasing interest.

Can you imagine this face // created at the beginning of time

shaped and molded at creation by the hand of God

raised up // unearthed to lay forever looking to the sky

reminding all who dare walk on his forehead…

that he will out last us all!


Image of Grandfather Mountain, NC: Dwight L. Roth