Celebrating Diversity

Ollie and Ellie Phil's cats

Some think diversity should be a mandate

A cultural change forced to enlighten

Not just acknowledged acceptance,

but required

I see diversity, not as a melting pot,

but as a mosaic masterpiece of all shapes and sizes

One to be celebrated, shared, and acknowledged

Ollie and Ellie 2 Phil's cats

Photos: Phil Roth

We are back from our summer break at d’Verse and Merril has given us the prompt celebrate, to celebrate eleven years as a poetry group on Word Press. She said we can use it in any manner we choose. I wrote a perspective on celebrating diversity; getting along with one another in spite of how we look or what we believe.

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There are times
in life
when everything
seems to go to pieces.
we think
our life is over…
in reality,
those shattered pieces,
in the end
cement together
to become
the mosaic of our life!

Today I read a poem, by blogger Christine Bolten, called Jagged Pieces. It inspired the poem I wrote above. Her poem deals with brokenness, healing, restructuring, and the hope of forgiveness.
Read her poem here: https://poetryforhealing.com/2019/09/27/jagged-pieces/

The mosaic tile art  piece was done by friend and artist Lynn Carmichael.

Moments in Time

IMG_2133 (2)

Today I watched Dan Rather doing The Big Interview with Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. Throughout the interview Lindsey kept telling Dan that the things that happened were just that moment in time when it was the right timing for what took place. It reminded me that all of life is just a collection of moments in time.

All of life is just moments in time
Experiences that stay forever in one’s mind
A childhood joy/trauma/ impression
The teacher who cared and made a difference
The first kiss //fireworks in your brain
Broken heart // pain of separation
Moments in time are all we have
A mosaic of color showing the whole
As we step back and look at the big picture.
A wedding //the birth of a child
Stresses of life // work // love
Shape our lives // cementing tiles in place
Permanent pieces fixed in time and space
The death of a parent // loss of a spouse
Wonderful joy of grandchildren shouts
Good friends who come and go
Each adding a sparkle to the whole
Cemented together with love and compassion
Leaving our star on the walk of time


Photo from the MSP airport wall: Dwight L. Roth

Beauty in the Broken

Lynns ceramic

Brokenness is another way of reinventing ones self. Sometimes when the hard knocks of life shatter our plans for the future destroying our self-image, it helps to realize that this is not the end, but rather the beginning of new and greater things.

Beauty in the Broken

Look for beauty in the broken

For out of the shards of glass

Comes a beautiful mosaic

More spectacular than the original…

A healing of brokenness

Forever cemented together…

The pieces of anticipation

Broken, yet whole once more


Ceramic Mosaic: Lynn Carmichael

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