Superiority & Prejudice

EER_0579 (2)

Superiority is the greatest enabler of prejudice!
Downfall of all of us, it seems // from the Garden to now
Outthinking God // we believe our own truth
About life // about others // about faith
Encapsulating God in our own image
Superiority seems to bring out the worst in people
Evolves equally in both rich and poor
Entitlement blinds the moral compass
Making North South and East West
Seduces the good // enrages the oppressed
Superiority evolves from the Id and builds the Ego
Falsely filling our minds with our own fake news
Selfish desires rise above right and wrong
Elevating race and color above common sense
Claiming ideology and theology to be the basis for greater truth
Superiority is the greatest enabler of prejudice

Photo: Dwight L. Roth




Tarpits swallow everything that steps in them

From the newcomer to the prominent and powerful

From the Pterodactyl to the T-Rex

The quicksand of tar swallows them all

Leaving them with black hearts and sticky fingers.

Just as the dinosaurs sank into extinction

‘So will our government // if all we do is:

           Promise what we know we can’t deliver

           Appeal to the emotions of a radical base

           Sell out to the special interests

           Get caught in the web of lies and deceit

           Give in to political pressure

           Lose our moral compass

And… worry more about losing power

      …Than losing themselves…

In the tarpits of political delusion


Photo: Dwight L. Roth